"You will not have power in life unless you strictly adhere to the standard of speaking only what is true, clean, and pure.  Being sloppy about it or dismissing its importance for the moment or saying "it's too hard" leads to a slipper slope, downhill to living life with low power.  Please, please consider the importance and impact of this - and hold it as vital to a good life!"
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We have discussed much about the effect of your memory banks being filled with negative, erroneous recording/records.  We have discussed the importance of cultivating a series of good, corrected recordings to bring up when needed, and to balance off the negative ones.

This piece is about how to implement more of both the "stopping of the negative" and the "inputting of the positive." 

Domain upgrading

It is also a vital part of the protocols for upgrading the domain that you are living in.

It is essential if one wants to experience the higher happiness levels in the higher domains.


Realize, please, that you’ve got Lenny, the simple-thinking brother in Mice and Men, as your primitive brain.  He takes things literally and will not adjust them for nuances. However, he is always loyal and true and listens to you.  However, it would be harmful for you to say anything that is misunderstandable or, god forbid, negative. 

Essentially, he, just as your brain, just records things and then brings them up again literally doing whatever was done the last time (or what he interpreted was done).  So, we need to input as many of the positive recordings and correct any negative recordings he pops up, so that we can fill him with great recordings, for a happy life.

This, of course, is what you need to do for yourself, via properly using the primitive brain in a manner in accordance with how it actually works - mechanistically, non-magically.


"She drove me crazy" is an example of a lie and a story combined.  At first, as I say this, some people might respond with something like "oh, you're being too analytical, too picky, it's just a remark, no big deal."

That is not at all true! 

In all philosophical disciplines and healthy psychological training, they teach you to “tell the truth”.   The more you tell the truth the more the "unsanity" of life becomes more sane, headed hopefully for "highsanity".

It’s on a spectrum

Outright lie     Misspeaking      Mischaracterization          Pretty true      Purely true

“she drove me” put “cause” in the matter “out there”, which is an unhealthy untruth.  It is the truth if you say I created  feeling disjointed and confused from my reaction to my beliefs about what she did.   (Obviously, you don’t have to phrase it perfectly, but the more accurate the better.  Another version “I created my being upset”, with the possible addition “through my beliefs related to her  behavior”.)  

The use of the word “crazy” also has content that is counterproductive.  The literal brain interprets that as “out of control” or a blubbering  idiot.   That’s not a good “recording” to have available in the brain.  If you fill up your brain anymore with that type of thing, your messages to yourself will pop up as your being not in control, not rational, confused, etc. 

Would  you speak to a small child that way (if you were reasonably emotionally intelligent)?  No, you would use clear, positive language. 

Well, that’s what you should use with your primitive brain, in its simplistic “child-like” literal mode.

That’s about your languaging vocally – true and positive (or at least neutral, non-negative). 

But internally it is the same.  But in there it is a series of old recordings popping up, which, if you allow them to repeat, will get stronger and stronger (or more plentiful, with lots of negative recordings available and filling up the system.  You’d just better not allow that. 

With your higher brain, you can discern adequately “this is something valid” and “this is something that is invalid” (if you keep using invalid languaging you will become an emotional invalid, changing the pronunciation).  You can tell if something has an invalid piece to it, as you will “feel bad” – all true, objective assessments do not have a “feel bad” in them; the “feel bad” comes from the story about what is going on, from the beliefs about that.  

You must  stop, halt, not permit, banish, block the door, etc., absolutely now and forever, be committed to and standing only for no negatives and only positives.   There is to be a no tolerance for negative, useless, upsetting recordings. 

Now, that’s all well and good, but  how  do I implement this?

Some  pros say to say “stop!”  You could also say “that’s invalid” or “that’s not true” and then state the opposite or positive version of it, right away!  (The most effective people have a time where they write each negative thought in a journal, making sure they come back later and that all the rephrasing is done; then they convert the best rephrasing to statement to use often in their lives, like affirmations, coping or comforting statements,  declarations and stands.  These are memorized in whatever way they choose, but they absolutely must be kept available and referenceable for their daily use, as they are in the Reminders Notebook.)

The second key part, other than the rote re-phrasing to a positive, is to “put in the positive” yourself.   At the minimum it would be ten statements that you’ve memorized, which you’d just repeat as long as you need to, closing out the negative thought.  (At first, the negative thought might keep coming up, popping through the cracks, again and again, so the process may not be perfect.  But inputting more and more of the positive does change the balance to the right direction!)  

I’ve said this in more than fifteen different ways on this site, but hopefully it will be implemented this time!!!!

Another example of "telling a lie" is the largely emotional assessment (i.e. "non-thinking, non-rational") remark:  "Oh, I'll never get better!" or   


Powerful Languaging

Clean, Clear Languaging
   And Positive Talk 

Read:  The Four Agreements, Ruiz: "Be Impeccable With Your Word" (not just your promises)