Your choice: clear on what want
What is true of the empowered person
   How they feel
   Abilities Belief in self abilities
   Attitudes, moods
   Take care of self, others
   Interactions with others
   Live with completed integrity
   Problem-solving, decision making, thinking


To be able to choose something and achieve it, one must know what it looks like.  I recommend that you print this (or paste it into your own document) and then check off those you choose to be or do.

This is not about power "out there", though empowered people tend to be powerful.  It is really about power of self and power over self.  They develop their "self", who they are as a human being and doing what supports "self".

Circle what you would like to be true of you, then prioritize the top 5, and work on them in that order until the highest impact one is finished, before going on to the next one.  Although there are quite a few line items below, many of them are co-related, so that if you work on one, the others will automatically be elevated.


How they feel

Feel satisfaction within
Feel confident (and trust themselves to respond effectively)

Belief in self, abilities

Believe in their own abilities and do not allow themselves to "not be good
    Develop the important abilities to the level where reliably or highly competent
         They choose which things are so important that they must be highly competent
              in them.
Unshakably know their own true value   

Attitudes, moods

Know they have the ability to create their attitudes in any circumstance
Considers life a rewarding adventure
Do not get irritated
Looks for what can be learned from something, never dwelling on the negative

Fears, past, mistakes

Eliminate their fears, do not tolerate the fabrications to exist 
Confront things/people squarely, regardless.
Considers life a rewarding adventure
Looks for what can be learned from something
No attention on what happened to them or who did it to them; only
   thing that matters is what you do about itto move forward.

How they take care of self, others

Take care of themselves, without exception, excellently, as a super priority
Allow others to be responsible for themselves (not worry about others
    getting theirs)
Validate themselves, don't look to others to do so

Interactions with others or circumstances

Are not defensive even in the face of criticism
Yet they accept compliments with grace
Do not dominate and don't allow selves to be dominated
Allow, encourage others to empower themselves
Relate to other people as human beings
Communicate clearly and honestly, but not dominating others
Don't expect relationships to be perfect, harmonious, and always
Do not give permission to others to determine how they feel
No blame  of circumstances or others for their actions or moods.
Deal directly, authentically
Don't have judgments, acceptance of what is., no criticizing, doing for
   others (rescuing), objecttive

Live with 'completed' integrity

Live by their own rules, not by society's
Keep promises to themselves and to others
Completes things, finishes unfinished business

Self handling, management

Truly know themselves

Problem-solving, decision-making   

Proactively solve problems and don't waste time and energy worrying
Make decisions with thorough thought, complete and are responsible for them,
Allowing for and accept risk, consider it ahead of time, willing to adjust to the outcome
Engages in critical thinking
Embraces possibilities, refuses artificial limitations