It is your "job" to learn to do change the right way, learning it as a skill, and using the correct procedure adeptly to create that desired success - and eliminate it being "difficult" - it isn't difficult if you do it the right and easy way.  Implement the items on this page asap, first, but also tickle it up on your reminder system to gain a greater perspective on change by reading some of the pieces in Contents/Links Attaining The Changes You Want And Succeeding.

For motivation, see the discussion on the benefits in Exercise Main Page.

What I did to conquer this problem was to remove the barriers, so that the motivation and obstacles battle would be eliminated. 

The barriers were, for me:

Travel time to a gym
Didn't like the locker room or changing
Have to get dressed to go there
It just seemed inconvenient
Weather (if I tried to do it outside)
It was boring to walk (even on a treadmill, so I added reading, see below)

And worst of all, I didn't do it.  (Surprise!)

The easy solution:

I bought a treadmill (saved travel and dressing time and inconvenience)
I set up a TV so I wouldn't be bored.  (Now I don't watch tv, and I look forward to focused reading time.  So that I'll be steady enough to read at the same time, I crank up the incline so the exertion level can be high enough but I don't have to run very fast.  I just walk rapidly - and it's easier on my knees/body/skeletal structure.

And I bought a small dumbbell weight set (20 lbs each, just do alot of reps). Or do alot of pushups or other body weight based exercises, like planks or modified pushups.

Update, recent years:  Still easy location, but added strategy of this:  Convenient, Easy Home Exercise Equipment - And Making It Certain That You Will Move!

When I don't feel like it

I just start slow and easy and let myself choose how much and how hard to work out.  At least that way I do something.  (This is easier on a recumbent bike than on a treadmill...)

And usually I end up feeling better and better so I do a full workout.


Be sure to have the exercise machine in a place where you will use it.  If worse comes to worst, place the machine in the family room to the side of the viewing line.  (It is likely that the other family members will use it also!)  (I like the treadmill because it does fold up easily if I want to make room.)

Exercise Main Page

Convenient, Easy Home Exercise Equipment - And Making It Certain That You Will Move! - Methinks this is crucial, at least for me!

Using Life's Principles In Exercise 

And I bought a full size top desk that holds all my monitors, etc., which will rise at the touch of a button, so I can stand awhile while working.


Contents/Links Attaining The Changes You Want And Succeeding


Save 30+minutes every day.
Save extra "efforting", displeasure, and/or hurrying
Facilitates doing it more times, as there are
   fewer barriers to doing it!

Save more timeHigh Intensity Interval Training

   Aerobic    8 minutes, every other day
  Strength: 15 minutes, 2 x week

Use it more times for energy

As Job #1 is to always keep one's power up, you can hop on a machine that is convenient for just a few minutes during breaks, to reenergize and regain the power to focus and to feel more alive!


There are always two ways to doing the right thing. 

1.  Motivate
2.  Remove the barriers

This is all essential to the "getting to success process" and to implementing beneficial behaviors.  People have battled barriers with poor strategies that have caused them to have more barriers and poor results - and then discouragement and eventually giving up, and drifting into entropy (implosion).