[This is part of Taking The "Quick Path" To A Better Life. You might glance at the page you are on right now, but then go to the overall quick path piece.]

This can ALL BE DONE IN ONE DAY - for an incredible impact.  [Then you can do The Next Biggest Quick Life Improvers, after checking out the linked pieces in the sidebar.  When you've finished those you can choose what to do next, from The Paths To Where You Want To Go - read the guidance on that page to choose the path that has already been detailed out for you to follow (and not have to invent on your own!).]

Instructions:  Correct and implement all of these items listed below.  Place the resulting pieces (schedule, golden hour contents, list of lowest payoff activities, and such) into a notebook or referenceable file/place.  (See The Reminders Notebook)


You've heard all of these,  But this time it is time to no longer violate the vital few.  It is time to get into compliance, quickly, as well as you can - implementing this even imperfectly will advance your life super quickly - even if all you do is implement the schedule part.

A key idea behind this is to just copy these templates, for speed of implementation.  You can implement 90% of this in one day.  Purging the food and buying the food and buying the planner notebook should be done by the weekend (if it must be mailed, pay extra for quick delivery)    [Print the linked items out, insert them in notebook, review each morning and evening, do them.]

For this process to work, you must implement without question at first, not seeking some better alternatives or being more clever.  Just get them rawly into gear.  Tweek later, after you've got all of these in gear.

You will start noticing benefits within one day.  You must do them all; no picking and choosing; no delays, no extensive redesigning (for now).  Just do them, massively and imperfectly. Right now!

I. FREE UP HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME AND ENERGY! (Use a "set" schedule, develop habit which free up energy, use highest energy time for highest payoff activities, drop hours of wasted efforts.)

__ Set and use a "set" schedule, pre-formatted to follow (versus a varying schedule) - Just follow this prototype schedule (tweek it later, or spend no more than 2 hours writing out a new one.  
    __ Use high energy times only for the most important (See energy and alertness level
          analysis.  Nothing else allowed during those peak times that is not an emergency
          (Don't do any unimportant when you have high energy!) 
           __  Allow zero distractions and deviations (until the time set aside to allow for

__ Launch the day early enough to center, exercise, and set yourself for a great day.      See "golden hour" to fill yourself up. (Go to bed earlier, have better circadian rhythms, better body repair, and more energy.  See Care Of The Frontal Lobes.)
    __ Exercise first thing in the morning, for momentum, more energy and alertness,
         better mood (Use Making Exercise Easy, but start it anyway you can right now, even
         at a really easy level)

__ Cut/eliminate 40+% of your activities (the lowest payoff activities) to free up massive amounts of time.  Write down what those are and the time they take.  Use freed up time for rejuvenation and enjoyment and higher payoffs.  (See Quick 80/20)

__ Use a planner book.  Simple and prevalent advice, but often violated! Enter all to dos and notes.  Just printout how to use daily planners effectively and do it immediately  (tweek and improve it later) .  Planner Notebooks Software. (Don't take a long time to implement and tweak this, just get one and start using it religiously.)  Consider, for extra credit and functionality, "slamming into place" this Simplified, But Effective, Task Management System.

II. ENERGY INCREASERS (Keep it in this range = easier functioning)

__ Sleep a full night (never less than 7 hours), awakening fresh in the morning, consistent bedtime (early) (use Sleep Checklist) - Vital, for without it alertness and productivity drops far more than one realizes - and one's mood drops with inadequate sleep. (One of the biggest life and productivity changes a person can ever make!)

__ Nap when energy is low, toward maintaining Homeostasis (high functioning balance)

__ Implement walking/exercise 4 or more days/week (even if at first limited to 15 minutes minimum, finally at 30 minutes)

__ Implement 10 minute breaks every 50-90 minutes.  Move vigorously at least half of that.

__ Only eat these foods, period.  Purge the house of all of the rest(!).  You know what a junk food is. (Do this in a flash; takes about 1/2 hour.)

III. PSYCHOLOGICAL BOOSTERS (Stop this "drag", free up mental space for better things.)

__ Stop ALL negative talk (!!!!!)- "Mental detox" - No righteousness, judging, faulting, criticizing, gossiping, putting down... (Don't do this for just 10 days, do it for a lifetime.)

__ Change moods instantly via State Management - Use the simple doable immediate ones at least - absolutely effective.  DO NOT believe that nursing a low mood has any value!

After you get these substantially (80+%) into effect, then you can go to the next layer. 

The Next Biggest Quick Life Improvers - These are not so quick, but they are hugely impactful on your life!  

Let me know your reactions and how fast it made a difference!

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Incredibly time saving and brain saving!  And it's freeing!

Every day:

Fixed (early) bed time
Fixed wake up time
  (Enough sleep)
Fixed exercise time
Fixed meal times
Fixed planning time
Fixed high productivity time