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Have you finished implementing The Quickest Life Improvers?  It would be foolish not to get the full benefit of these highest-benefit-per-amount-of-time actions.

Yes, these will take more time to develop than The Quickest Life Improvers, but they are also massive life improvers!

Don't stop until you've got this well implemented (and you'll do some more modification later, as you learn more).


Stop telling stories about why or how you got that way or why or how things got this way.  Just use straight forward thinking and problem solving, with no unnecessary sidebars.

Drop trying to change others' behavior or to "teach them a lesson."  (Control)

DUMP 40%

Dump 40%(or more!) of your activities - the low and poor payoff ones.  (Just list your activities and identify the worst 40%).  List the highest payoff activites in your life, and insert those.  Identify what would be most productive to learn in your life and do 1-5 hours/week of that.  Don't forget the rejuvenators (naps, etc.).

Drop 40% of your least positive energy friends/associates. 

CORRECT QUICK TO A HIGH STATE OF RESOURCEFULNESS (similar to "energy" in the prior piece)

Absolute rule:  Stop, revise what you are doing to assure you are rested (sleep, nap, break) and properly energized (hydrated, exercised, moving).  Stay stopped until the energy and well-being is fixed!!!! (The only exception is emergency, of course.)  This ties in with The Pause and the Always Check-In.


At least hourly, but every time you notice you're not breathing deeply and calmly or you are tense in any way.  It is totally senseless to allow oneself to continue or tolerate stress, or any malfunctioning.  The pause must include the Always Check-In.


Don't move to the next ones until the above are implemented and working!  (It's so easy to not want to stop and get back into a high state of resourcefulness, but it is essential to get this absolute rule and habit into place!  Even right at this moment, I need to go take a 20 minute nap, though the temptation is to keep going..., so I am now going to take a nap, to refresh!)

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The Biggest Life Improvers To Work On Over Time - You'll get some short term benefits and a great feeling of progress - and you'll build a super-structure that will serve you well for life!

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