There are certain things that have a huge impact on your life, some of which you might not be aware of as some of it disappears in the living of life and is assumed to just be in the background, sometimes even as a given. 

These are all huge, but it matters how and in what order you deal with them, as we don't want to get bogged down in the longer term ones but we do want to get the higher payoffs sooner!   Follow the Huge Life Effects Learning And Implementation Program.  Check off the ones below that you have mastered or check them off as you master them.  (Put this in your Reminders Notebook or some place it will be sure to be referenced.)

Please do not consider these as "optional items" to do, as they are part of The Requirements For The Happiest Life.


Of course, number one, for without it we cannot do the others as well:

__ The Essential Life Skills - Spend enough time to learn these, as each moment will have very high returns.  This can't be done quickly, as it takes some time, so this would be done on an ongoing basis while you pick the "low hanging fruit" of more immediate impact items below.


Arguably the biggest improver of productivity and life success, but it helps if you can use the essential skills to accomplish this is:

To learn how to be very, very productive.  Be a super-expert at this and you'll be able to create anything you want in life:  success in all areas and lots of happiness.

It is the gateway to having more time for what is important in life besides being productive.   Ironic?  No.  For if one can produce the desired results in life in less than 1/2 the time it would take otherwise, doesn't that leave alot of free time to choose what to do with?   See Life Productivity.


These are listed in order of which I suggest that you do them:

__ The Misestimation Of Threats, Dangers, And Consequences  - Right sizing them is essential, as it eliminates massive amounts of stress and wasted time.

__ Eliminating The Irrelevant And Low Relevance Parts Of Life - Huge, huge amounts of time freed up to use for higher payoffs.  It will hugely affect your life.  The 80/20 Principle.  Include on your daily checklist: Is this a high impact item?

__ Body/face movements (Physiology Of Power) and the Effect Of Negative And Positive Feedback To Brain (Positivity Ratio) - Very simple and implementable but you need to first understand how it works and why it works.  Simple, but a huge payoff. Even slow, deep breathing sends a safety message to the brain.

__ Getting Rid Of All Criticism - Understanding the basis, as initially not believed to be possible, for seeing human action as a No Fault proposition - huge, huge, huge, huge impact.  Changes the whole way you deal with life, saves lots of time, saves lots of effort, and dramatically reduces stress!

__ Altering These Major Lifestyle Components - So simple to change, such a huge benefit.  (A list is coming, but you can list which you think should be changed!)

__ Altering These Addictive Behaviors - From soft addictions that waste time and energy (TV, games, distractions) to substance addictions (sugar, fat, food, drugs), lopping off the easier ones and using the easier change strategies (using change skills for dramatically improved success results).  (A list is coming, but you can list which should be changed and implement the change process.)

__ Wasted Attempts At Control

__ Habit Substitution - Very doable if you do it this way and immensely impactful on your life and energy!  Substitution is much easier and more effective than fighting an existing habit!


__ Building A Life Structure For "Certainty" - Both in happiness terms but also in economics and relationships.


If you are doing this process as specified above, you'll be busy for awhile! 

For a different perspective, you could look at The Highest Payoff Areas For Your Attention - The Wisest Investment Of Your Time.

Be sure you've reviewed and then implemented the quickest and biggest life improvers linked from the sidebar on the left.

Consider implementing these first:

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Strictly by payoff:

The Highest Payoff Areas For Your Attention - The Wisest Investment Of Your Time - Prioritized for payoff, not just quickness of payoff.


Living The 80/20 Life - A sister site, where you focus on what really has the big payoffs. 

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To go to these, use the search engine:

(Also be aware of Programs and/or Checklists For Life, as they can guide you through any relevant area.)

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