This is an "overview" piece, to look at for a wide perspective on what is of the highest payoff in life.  Each piece cited below has a path to follow (just enter the term into the site search engine if you want to get the details of what to do).  Your actual next steps after this (fairly quick) overview are at the end of the piece, under "What's Next".  (Always look for a "what's next" instruction in major pieces or a  path or checklist to follow - virtually everything for life's betterment is covered.)


Healthy physical functioning + Healthy Thinking = A great life


Healthy thinking has as a foundation these two musts in life:

__ 1.  Problems are addressed immediately and resolved asap.  It is not acceptable to leave them to plague one's life!!!!

__ 2.  All beliefs that are related to a negative emotional result (or a bad effect) must be addressed immediately and corrected.  It is unacceptable to leave bad beliefs in effect, just as it is unacceptable to leave any stress sources in effect.  You must not allow yourself to be emotionally weak or "agitated" (which is simply a result of a bad belief system).

Until you have those two checked off as being true to you, you are greatly shortchanging your life!  (Of course, as soon after you've done the quicker life improvers, all key piled up problems and bad beliefs should be listed and then you would correct the top 5 or 10 diligently until they are resolved/corrected and in full good operating order!  (Don't be concerned about this now, as we'll get to it after the other things that give us a quicker payoff.)

Health - Your energy, your well-being, and how you perform in life are all dependent on your health, plus the number of quality years you have (besides living longer).  It is a must to be

BMI - Below a BMI of 25 and best if under 23, with
Blood Pressure - No higher than 120/80, regardless of age.  This must be perfected first and foremost.

A.  Exercise
B.  Nutrition
C.  Rest/Rejuvenation, including
    Sleep - Do it 1/3 of your life, so it is essential to learn how to sleep the best way
       and how much, so that you are wide awake, feeling rested when awake,
       all day without tiredness  (except some slowdown in afternoon).

Healthy thinking - This determines your stress level and how you feel about life.  You should not settle for less than virtually zero stress and anxiety and living a life where you can honestly say "I love life".  Why would you ever accept less?

Learning how to develop true, straight thinking and, then, to

A.  Solve problems effectively (so you don't have any major ones unsolved.
B.  Make excellent decisions - As life is a series of choices, consisting of either good ones or bad ones.  (I recommend making good ones - and therefore that you make sure you are capable of making excellent decisions!!!)
C.  Build the other life skills that cause one to have a reliable, countonable accumulation and foundation for living a happy, effective life that is not contingent on conditions or other people

Healthy, effective thinking is what is used to, always leads to, establish what will work in life and what is true.    Consequently, it is the means for:

1.  Establishing true, workable beliefs
        And establishing true self-esteem and confidence.
2.  Intelligently creating what will make oneself happy
        Finding out what actually makes a person happy
        Then structuring a LifePlan to achieve that.


What is next is always a contest between what will give the next highest payoffs and which ones will give the quickest payoffs per amount of time. 

The Quickest Life Improvers - The Biggest Payoff For A Little Of Your Time! - Frees up lots of time, which you can then use to learn the next important items!  That page links into the next page:  What Has Huge Impacts On Your Life - Handle These First And Completely Master Them!

Start with this:

The Two Biggest Payoffs In Life (Start Here)  

Operate based on this:

Is The Payoff Worth The Time And Effort? - No Contest, IF YOU Pick These, This Way!
- Read that and then return to this page.

After that, go to:

The Quickest Life Improvers - The Biggest Payoff For A Little Of Your Time! - This will lead you to what is next after that (two choices of which way to go - choosing either is fine as they will come back to assure nothing is missed.

Since I haven't linked these, to go to an item, simply enter it here:

(Also be aware of Programs and/or Checklists For Life, as they can guide you through any relevant area.)

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