How can I be assured that my effort will produce enough to be worth it? 

The ultimate highest payoff lies in multiplying your happiness several fold.  What value can one put on that?  It is beyond, far beyond, the "cost" of the time and effort, as it gets you more of the most valuable commodity on the earth. 

You'll be

Much happier
Much healthier
Live much longer, and in prime condition
Have virtually no stress for entire days
Have vastly more time for enjoying life
Have a bigger capacity to enjoy life

Life will be easier, but much more productive. 

You'll basically be living the life of an 80/20 Person.  I recommend that you read right now Living Masterfully: The 80/20 Life.

The value of learning how to live your life and to be effective is, indeed, priceless.  You will get a multifold return for each unit of effort you put into self development.

This will be the best possible move you will ever do in your life!

The corollary question

Do I Have Enough Time To Create A Great Life?! - Though the answer could seem obvious, it is important to look deeper and be certain.

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The Paths To Get You To Where You Want To Go - Pick a path(s) to follow.

The Two Biggest Payoffs In Life (Start Here)

The Highest Payoffs In Life  

Quick "time saved" payback effect.  The time cost in the first place is less than you think. 

You actually push aside very low value activities (and some harmful or wasteful activities), If you invested 7 hours, but pushed aside 4 hours that would have been wasted, you only spent an additional net of 3 hours (but on what is the most valuable things in life!). 

You would eliminate "inefficient learning", such as sporadically, randomly reading articles on making life better but which have so little depth and which you are likely to just read but do no followup harvesting.  Accordingly, you would just be taking a side trip to get nothing from, other than brief hope or the illusion of "possible progress".

ALL people who follow the learning programs become more productive with their time in all areas of their life - they produce more value for the time spent in anything - you "sharpen up".  

Fairly early on, in a matter of a few months, you permanently are 'ahead" in terms of hours, AND you are operating more effectively and not wasting or underutilizing many hours - such that you end up with more net free hours available to do more things that you value.  

Increases occur as you go, not just all of a sudden at the end!

You become more skillful in whatever you are working on (of course), so you are more productive and happier about that..

Simultaneously, as proven by studies, the rest of your life elevates and you operate more effectively - not because you've worked on the other areas but as a side effect from having improved in the area you are working on.   

"Emotionally" you feel better, stronger, more confident, while worry and stress decline (because you begin to "know" that you will handle things better in life - one of the vital 4 components necessary for happiness.

Your energy improves and you have more of it to fully experience being fully alive.

You, as you learn and are exposed to "what works in life", or in a specific area of life, become "wiser".  Since "wisdom" is knowing how to operate effectively in life, you "see" things better and more clearly, you feel more powerful, you have a high perspective on life and on people (and you are much more accepting and noncritical)

Your long term investment grows and "compounds"

As with wisdom and specific skills, you are not only enjoying the fruits of your gains as you go, but you find yourself reaching higher and higher levels of life that you are permanently living at.

Confidence, on a realistic,solid founcation, becomes super strong, which is a good feeling that is a part of being happy, but it also dramatically reduces, and can eliminate, anxiety, worry, and stress.  You are fully in charge of your life such that your choices are such that yoor life is exponentially elevated.

Review What To Do In Order Of Highest Impact to be better in touch with the great benefits of these investments  to your life.

Commit, please, to making this your path and to live the life that has you on the path of living the greatest life, as you go, not just at the "end".

There is nothing more discouraging than the disappointment of doing something that is ineffectual and/or spending alot of time on something that has an uncertain payoff.  (In order for people to rationally do something with an uncertain payoff, they need to make sure that they are first doing enough things with for-certain payoffs and that they have a substantial enough base to be able to not have the "extra" hoped for payoff being achieved.  Rationally, we take no "stupid" risks or risks that are devastating or too damaging.)

There are many big boasting offers out there that have no substance, so, of course, we have to establish what has good content in it. Unfortunately, many people have tried some of these ineffectual ways or they have only partially completed what would have worked.  So they come to the irrational conclusion that efforts in self-development don't work, might not work, or only marginally work. 


But you can be assured of value if you first are sure that you have good content, which normally comes from true experts in the field, including good thinkers who are able to use the information from the true experts in an integrated, useful, efficient, effective way.  (I aim to be one of those in the latter category.  You be the judge, by evaluating the materials provided herein and the level of screening I have done on your behalf to have you only access the best, effective resources.

Utilizing the information and the resources pointed to on this website will assure you of having effective materials that will produce much better "for sure" results than you would normally get elsewhere or by doing it piecemeal on your own. 

Of course, if you approach all of this systematically, besides having good information, then you will learn more of what is right more quickly and in a comprehensive way.

However you must do Authentic Learning and follow the principle of Power From Completion if you want to reap the most from it all.


When you reduce the obstacles you are operating under, you release tremendous amounts of energy to invest elsewhere in learning and in enjoying life.  In fact, you'll learn more and, at the same time, you'll free up more time for enjoying life and investing it as you wish!