[Nobody ever on earth has succeeded in creating a great life without spending a good chunk of time learning, devising, planning, and creating that which makes life work wonderfully!  And, no, wishing for it to happen without devoting the time to creating it does not work.  Just look at your life so far...

"Set aside for creating a greater life at least 5-7 hours a week and pretend like all of your weeks are actually 161 hours (instead of 168).  You will never miss the hours - and, seemingly miraculously, you will find you actually seem to have more hours left over each week to live that greater life, besides feeling you're living at a higher level of life."

                                           The BuddhaKahuna]

If you just dumped all but one hour of tv or useless reading of the newspaper, you would have time to develop all the areas of your life plus learn 7 languages to good fluency.

There is no question about whether you have the available time.  Of course, there is the question of whether you will be smart enough to be committed to setting aside the time to develop your being smart and productive in life. 

I recommend you consider the following - and that you make the official commitment.


If we focus on "the vital few" and toss out the low payoff areas in life, we will have plenty of time for it all, plus plenty of leisure time.  How and what you'll do is covered in the sister site Living The 80/20 Life.


Although you will have spare time every evening, not every evening will be used.  And one tends not to be alert at that hour, at least sometimes.  The reading is, however, not that difficult - just go through it in the order listed in the program or in the contents/links page for the subject. 

The best way to make significant progress is by setting aside whole days to study through the material on this site, including the links, until you've arrive at "good" proficiency in the key areas, where you know and understand the key factors involved and how to use them and have implemented them.  

The order to do them is generally in order of highest impact, though you might note the one exception referred to in this piece, per this piece:  What Has Huge Impacts On Your Life - Handle These First And Completely Master Them!  (From these, you'll be able to handle anything in life.)

I would also recommend that you set aside almost all Saturday mornings for study.

Early morning for a half an hour, to do some of the reading.

Take a whole week and really get alot of this under your belt.  If you merely get down the part about critical thinking and then the part about prioritizing things, you will be off and running, IF you've also set aside (and do it) time for planning every week.  And, of course, setting up that master schedule, as suggested in the Quickest Life Improvers, will have a marvelous effect.  

Remember, please, that taking time to learn the critical high payoff items will actually cause you to have alot of time being freed up, as you'll be operating more effectively, plus you'll be saving alot (!) of time by not having to repair problems and/or cope often with problems.

You MUST.  There is no other good choice - and no miracle that will make it happen.

The "other" questions are: 

Am I capable of learning and implementing what is needed to create a great life?

Is The Payoff Worth The Time And Effort?

To help free up the time

Read this "QuikBook" to see how you will free up a huge number of hoursThe Quickest Route To High Life Productivity, which is a minimum cost (.99) Kindle book, with over 200 links for going as wide or deep as you want to.  Link to it in Amazon or from Books.

How To Find The Time For Life Improvement - There's Lots Of Time AND You'll Get More Spare Time! 

There IS Enough Time! 

I'm Experiencing Problems And There's No Time To Fix Them, And I'm Screwed... - Wanna bet!??! 

The Overview Of How To Achieve Life-Effectiveness And Enduring Deep Happiness - Overview of how this site approaches this more systematically and in less time.

As I wrote the question above, my thought was "of course, how could you not?" 

But I do understand that people have a lack of clarity and a vagueness of thought (with an underlying fear) about whether they have enough time with all the other busyness of life and their "needs".  [But the busyness is a result of filling time with low payoff activities, always!]

Ironically, as one goes through the steps to create greater functionality in life, and thus a greater life, his/her "needs" decrease substantially, freeing up lots of wasted time.  They no longer live in doubt or fear, so they don't have as much of an energy and time leak related to those. 

And they have far less "clean up" time.  They stop making the errors that take up time to clean up and/or damage the functioning necessary to handle life well.

You have 168 hours a week and you currently spend 6 to 30 hours on low payoff or harmful activities.  You'll also free up some time on high and medium payoff activities because you will be more effective and productive, more capable of doing more in less time.  You have well in excess of 12,000 hours per decade to be able to learn and practice.  

Once one finds a good path to follow to create a great life (such as The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life), how do we get past the mental barrier of laziness and the concept of it not being fun or too much of a sacrifice? 

How do we get people to stick to the process of learning and the building necessary to construct that great life? 

It would seem to be enough that the payoff is huge, priceless in fact.

But we humans have a tendency to not be able to see/feel the meaning of what seems distant and/or not really clear.  And we also don't want to give up immediate gratification. 

While we will also deal with how to "re-mind" oneself of, and to see, the value of the long term benefits, let's look at the short term benefits that you will be able to more easily experience, in the now.

The solution is:   

See the page that will convince you that it is actually rewarding as you go and how you will be fully gratified as you go: