This is both a list of books to come (if there is not yet a link) and of books/booklets that I've finished (as indicated by the fact that they are linked to the books.  Otherwise, you can also create quasi-books by just following the order of the pieces in each section's directory/links.

Guaranteed Happiness Book:  The Life Book: Implementing High Happiness (Plus Life Effectiveness) - A comprehensive "big book" designed to carry you through all that is needed to create a great life.  From testing where I actually am, smartly determining what I want in life, barriers and obstacles (and how to overcome), building a strong foundation, and doing a "life build" - covering all of life (lots to read).   


These usually have a quick summary or checklist page you can use once you have the overall understanding of the basics. 

The Quik-View Overall Life Summary Modules - Two approximately 25 page summaries in a powerpoint format to quickly scan through about life. 

Getting To Up From Down 


L.S. Barksdale's great life realities books - The best!  Free to you, as I sought and bought the copyrights because I was so impressed with the effects on me (a number of years ago) and my life.  Everybody should have these down cold AND committed to memory! (These can be read and utilized "out of sequence" with the way I've laid out elsewhere to learn life - and they will accelerate you through the process of gaining life wisdom and mastery.

See, for sure,  The Best Life Books To Read - be sure to read the bolded top three or read all 9 of these powerful books.
  and the master page for Which Books To Read, including the larger learning list for life management:  Master List Of Books, CD's, DVDs And Workshops.

Note to self:  Life Overall - From forming the right foundation to building a great life...

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(Special sections on this site, going into more depth.)

The Short Path To An Overview Of All Of Life - A reading list (with links) to quickly get the key points in life, with links to go into it more deeply if you choose so. This will provide a quick perspective and a "tying together" of how life actually works.

Achieving Life Effectiveness (Approx. 20 pgs)

Success In Life (Approx 20 pgs)

What Does Fully Living Life Look Like? - Losing Years Of Your Life - You get to make choices in this (7 pgs) 

One Page Overview Summary Of Life 

If there is no link, the prospective book has not yet been written.  

The Larger Books

The Life Book - A life of relaxed mastery, effectiveness, and enduring happiness. This is a "compilation", with the table of contents leading to a number of pieces in a specified sequence.  Long and comprehensive, so it'll take some time!
The Psychology Reference Book - Tying It All Together - Creating Emotional Freedom And Happiness In A Practical, Effective Way  -  Links to all the relevant key sections.  

The Bite-Sized Books (though you could spend alot of time on the links!)

The Guaranteed Happiness Book 
The Life Success Book
The Happiness Book
The Beliefs Book
The Power Book
My Philosophy Of Life Book 
The Relationship QuikBook
Attaining Wisdom  
Living the 80/20 Life: Radical, Happy Living  
The Health Quikbook
The Easy Weight Control Quikbook
The Stress-Free Living Quikbook
The LifePlan Quikbook  


Dreams, Desires, Aspirations - Things I Care About - 
     Workbook to identify all of what you want (24 pgs) 
The Ultimate Packet For Finding My Mission, Purpose, Usefulness - You will find these for your life!

Refer to this page to see what has been added.

The "What Do I Do Next?", "80%" Books


About how to get free Kindle accessLink to Kindle books:  Free on any device or computer type!  Just follow the instructions after you link, to download  the free software I've set the Kindle books I write at a virtually costless level, at the lowest price (99 cents)

Life Value Productivity - An Easier, Far More Happy Way To Live:- How I "Upgraded" 4+ Hours/Day Of Irrelevant, Low Payoffs, Greatly Increased My Productivity And The Value I Get Out Of My Life! - In a week, you'll at least double your productivity.

The coming book below, that is not quite out yet, but it will be linked when it is, so sign up for the blog (see navigation bar at top of this page) so you get a notice:

Next book: "Smart (and easy) Self Control"

After that, there will be something akin to this: 

The Quick, Smart Route To Great Physical-Emotional Health, Weight Loss, And A Long Life!  Settle, Right Now, Exactly What To Do!!!  (And make it easy and doable!) - It's about making it easier by removing the barriers and by setting up some simple actions.


So great and benefificial for me that I sought out and eventually bought all the copyrights, so you can now access them for free:
L.S. Barksdale's great life realities books and self-esteem/confidence books.  These are priceless, and central to all of life!