Read this for the perspective of how it all fits together and how you can live at the level of a Life Champion.  Also, consider reading any of the introduction pages listed in each subjects contents/links pages. If you get lost in the pages, your way back is either through the search engine or to go to the Booklets page, to link back to this page.  

By intention, these pieces are short, but each includes links that lead toward something where you can learn more and find ways to actually implement these in your life!

The objective:   To have you be very effective in life AND unconditionally happy, being virtually stress-free and anxiety-free every day. [All these criteria fit together in one whole and you can't compromise one without the others being effective.]

Step 1:  Achieve a perspective on life and what is "of value"lkin

A Grand Perspective On Life - Read This First, Before Embarking Into Life -_Essential for a good life!

The Grand Overview Of Life - The Process To Happiness - 2 page overview with simple diagrams, but it is explicit as to what needs to be done.  

What Is Reality?  Know This Or Suffer From Irreality!  

      Your (Bio)Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It 
            How You Want It To Be

What Is Most Important To Do In Your Life - Attend To These And All Else Is Just A Bonus - The core way of living life that creates an easier and for more effective life - and the ultimate purpose of life. 

List Of What To Do In Order Of Highest Impact - Follow This List - Life Will Be Far, Far Better, Easier, And Happier - Do these core things, in this order, and you'll be guaranteed success in life.

    "Build the core of your life and happiness and satisfaction will come."  The Core
           Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter   

The One Belief To Change - The One That All Else Is Dependent Upon - You cannot be successful if you drift into seeing yourself in this way and operating in this way!!!!!!!   Change this one thing and I guarantee it will make a huge difference.  (The 1% that this does not apply to will not be reading this, as the results in their total life are already great.)

The Super Imperative Needed To Have A Great Life - This solves 99% of a human's problems, plus removing over 90% of health problems, but you'll have to do some work, doing sufficient "mastery learning" and following the links to worksheets that actually work.

"Change?  But how do I do it?"  Successfully, I hope.  You need not have difficulty or lack of success, if you do this:  Learn and do The Skill And Process For Effective Change - And A Vital Key To Success In Life.  (For the quick-read purpose of this booklet, you will save the rest of this for later, doing it as a "mastery learning" project.)

The Grand Test - How Am I Doing In Life? - And by implication, is this good enough and what level do I really want to be at?  Take the Overall Life Test, all 3 pages.

From here, it could be said that "the rest is just the details and mechanics" of implementing life.  But how do we do that in the most effective way.  You can do that by your own plan or you can follow (and maybe revise a bit) a set sequence that has been substantially already thought out for immediate use.  See below the line: some ways to jump in...

Step 2.  Implementing the key practical ways to live life.  If you're continuing on the path I've devised, you would link into. 

The test:  Ask yourself:  Am I advancing my life and raising the level I can live it?  Then what I am doing now is of huge value, for the rest of my life.   (Yes, I'll handle what needs to be handled right now in life, but I'll prioritize this advancing process over all the lower level items I could do.  

Some ways to jump in and decide what is the most important for you to do:

  (Examples would be in:  Learning/Implementation Programs Contents/Links To and in Checklists For Running Your Life.  Another approach to move all of this faster by setting up more of what works and by freeing up more time than is needed to do "the work" on this is The Quickest Life Improvers - The Biggest Payoff For A Little Of Your Time!)

And you'll live a life where you are effective, unconditionally happy, and virtually stress-free.  (A great payoff, that is very attainable - you just need to do "the work", which will generate immediate benefits as you go, but huge benefits for the long term!.)

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The Steps To Getting And Being Where You Want To Be

These are some means (consisting of steps) with which to get further along the path of life:

Checklists For Running Your Life 

Learning, Implementation Programs Contents/Links To