Creating Emotional Freedom And Happiness
In A Practical, Effective Way

The numbers are section numbers, rather than chapter numbers, so that later inserts can fit into the gaps.  Some things will be added and the existing pages modified, but there is plenty to read and utilize right now. (If an item isn't linked, then enter it into the search engine.) 

A few people may have the interest and power to go through this in this format, but for most I'd recommend that you just go to the sections of interest, read a few introductory pieces for perspective and then pick off the articles of interest (from the Directory/Links for each section).

This is what to understand and in which order to understand it.  It's key pieces are:

   An overall introduction to the components.
   Knowing how the brain and body work.
   Knowing what creates happiness
   Managing one's thoughts and replacing one's harmful beliefs
   Managing one's resourcefulness (and moods)
   Managing one's behaviors.
   Creating meaning, purpose, and direction in life.

The overview of pschology

10 Overall Psychology
    15 The realities of human behavior
20 Assessments and Tests - Initial
30 Planning – Initial look
40 Learning and training – Initial look
50 Problem solving – Initial look

The brain, its mechanics, and thoughts 101

100 The mechanical realities
      110 The Brain And Its Connections
      120 Perception

The key: thought management and belief changing

200 Thought management
      210 The Conversation (Self- talk )
             212  Empowering  Self-talk
             214  Affimations/"statements"
220 Thoughts
230  Beliefs
      231 Experience of Life - The Filters
      233 Core Beliefs
      235 Changing beliefs - the process
240 Self
      242 Confidence and Self-esteem/confidence
      244 Loving oneself

Managing emotions and producing happiness

300 Emotion Management (Especially A Discussion About Emotions
       310  Happiness
               312 Gratitude
               314 Optimistic realism
       320 Enjoyment
       340 Fear, Anxiety, Worry
             343 "Triggers"
       350 Suffering, struggle
       360 Anger/Blame/Criticism
       370 Loss, Sadness Guilt and shame, regret

The great effect of "viewing points", roles we take on

400 Personas, viewingpoints, and ways of being 
       420 Personas
      440  Philosophy as psychology
      460  Character

Mood management: From down or stress to "up" and peaceful

500 Mood/energy/tension management
       510 Resourcefulness, keeping it high
       520 Stress
       530 Down
       540 Balance/rejuvenation
       550 Peace/calming the mind
       570 Addictions – Hard and soft

Behaviors, motivations, and "needs"

600 Behaviors and needs
      610 Needs management
      620 Behaviors
      630 Motivation
      640 Habits
      650 Ways of living life

The great enhancers of personal confidence and power

700 Intention, power, purpose, values, standards and stands

Implementing it all:  Planning, programs, tools

800 Implementation
       820 Creating the master plan - Life Plan 
              822 Mission   
      850 The tools for management
             852 Systems
             853 Monitoring/feedback/measures
             855 Time management


      Learning programs
      Case studies
           Learning and training
      Tests and assessments


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