The vehicle for doing this is formalized into The Life Power Tool, which I absolutely recommend that everybody install as an everyday tool for life!​

"One cannot live well in a lower state of resourcefulness.  Manage that and you'll manage life. 

It is a waste of life and a major error to let life happen otherwise.

Do not tolerate anything less than being at a 7!"



If you are below a 7, adjust your state right now.  See The Happiness Dashboard

   0                                             5                                                    10
Dead                                       So-so                                            Powerful 
                                                                                                 High energy
                                                                                                Alive, thriving

Where are you right now?  If less than what you judge to be a 7, go to the Dashboard and make the adjustment!

Can you change your state instantly?  See the answer and reasoning below. 

Which do you choose in life:  Comfort/relief or feeling enlivened?  

I suggest that you discard the first one as your motivation and just go with the feeling enlivened, feeling alive, experiencing aliveness.

I choose ____ comfort/relief (low on the scale of aliveness) or 
             ____ whatever enlivens me (including simply doing vigorous physiology)


You can control the cause, therefore you can control the effects (emotional state). 

Fact 1:   Emotions = chemicals

Fact 2:   Chemicals are determined by these 2

                   Physiology                               -->   Chemicals 
                   Subject of focus plus meaning    -->  Chemicals

Fact 3:  You can control the items that create the chemicals.
            Therefore, you can control your emotional state - RIGHT NOW!
                 (And set it more on automatic by installing other patterns that work
                  based on just the pure physics of the body, with no magicality!) 


Your "state" is how you feel, right?  It is largely an assessment of whether you feel "good" or "bad".  There are certain chemicals and conditions of the body that we associate with feeling good or feeling bad.  

Try the following Tony Robbins - Yes 1 (physiology) and the warm up ("how to") for a minute, and then tell me if your state changed.  If it did, then logically you can change your state, for sure, very rapidly - anytime - AND you need not stay in the old state.

Some people will say "Bullshit!  That's just a temporary gimmick.  

No, the bullshit is that you underevaluate it as a temporary gimmick - it is usable over and over and it always creates the same pattern of chemicals - and those chemicals "feel" good.  So you can use it every 15 minutes if you want to or every time you notice your state being lower than feels good.  

No, the bullshit is that you tell yourself you must stay in the state you're in, for some strange (invalid) reason.

No, the bullshit is that a state "artificially produced" by a gimmick is not real and not valid.  But I say it is, and the evidence is that you actually changed your state - and it doesn't matter how you did it, period.  Telling yourself anything else has no provable validity - if you can find the proof send it to me!

Meanwhile, use this every time you are below a 7 in state!


The rule:  Except in emergency, never, never allow yourself to operate (stay) in a state of low resourcefulness.

The why:  One makes poor decisions, one lives life at a lesser level and misses out on much of life.

(I remember from years ago a simple statement from a prominent coach:  "Fatigue makes cowards of us all."  That's another example of low resourcefulness.)]


Sub rule:  Make all of your decisions only in a state of high resourcefulness and perspective!

Its why:  You make much better decisions.  And life's quality is determined the quality of one's decisions throughout life.


Manage yourself to stay in a state of high resourcefulness.
Do not tolerat in your life living in a lower condition of anything.   


What is the opposite of a resourceful state:

     Mental concerns
     Need for chemical "ups"
     Low energy, physically out of balance

What is the opposite of what produces unresourcefulness

One simple strategy rule that works is to simply do the opposite of what doesn't work.  

Use the practice of regrounding, recentering, rejuvenating.  

Do it ahead of time, such as starting off the morning using the items in your Reminders Notebook, which includes: 

     Use of things to remind you of  

          Your power
          The better parts of your life
          What you want 
          Peace of mind techniques 
               Deep rest, relaxation, breathing
          Creating "up"

Keeping a constant state of physical balance, based on exercise, nutrition, and keeping stress low.

And, we just can't get by it, to create the greatest effect, we need to get rid of stressful, downing thoughts, doing so by replacing them with valid, true thoughts that are empowering.  Thought management in the short term is fine and we want to do that as needed, but we want to solve the cause and not just deal with the symptoms. The cause is the erroneous thinking.  

Changing our thoughts/beliefs is what removes the constant restimulation of the "down" states, so that we don't have to deal with them over and over again - the stress-causing beliefs will not be there anymore!   

Meanwhile, we can control our state by changing our physiology (a bunch) in the moment.  See, again, the The Tony Robbins Say Yes!  


Tony Robbins, who has "harvested" many of the NLP techniques, utilizes many state change techniques that are physical.  I like his approach, though some think it is just a bunch of hype, but if one looks without prejudice and applies a little reasoning one would also approve of the approach.

One of the techniques he uses is holding one's hand up outstretched in front palm forward while the other arm is in a winding motion on the lower side of the body, as if cranking up...doing up to 20 seconds of those and then throwing the lower hand up vigorously past the other and saying loudly and powerfully "Yes!!!!!!".   (I've added this in the sections above.)

Go to Robbins - Directory To Resources on this site.  See, and take detailed notes on, the YouTube videos for  Yes! and for The Best Of Anthony Robbins (18 parts). Implement immediately the energy movements, not tolerating being below a 7 - as there is now no excuse to leave yourself in a lower state since you can simply choose to just do the movements! 

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