"Being the master of your states is the power skill of them all."    Tony Robbins

You must learn that anyone can change their state, virtually instantly, with very little skill.

You must learn how.  It is not difficult.

Then you must notice when it is needed.

And do it whenever it is needed.

And you must not tolerate being lower than a 7 on the 1-10 scale.


Movement, pushups, downward dog (yoga move), twirling, power boxing, power fist, clapping hands together continually (intense movement for 15-60 seconds!)
    Tony Robbins' move that I call "Yes!"
Standing (or sitting) up straight and tall, spine straight
Shoulders back and breathing deeply and freely.

See the checklist:  The Happiness Dashboard - Driving Your Happiness On Purpose Right Now, In The Moment for a collection of what to do, though #1 above will always work.

Other than the longer process of changing the most significant of your poor-results beliefs, the major state and mood changer is exercising early in the morning, which has a positive effect lasting 8-12 hours and utilizing an effective morning ritual. 


Just sit with it and the discomfort will pass.  Discomfort is no big deal, unless we prolong it, as no emotion lasts longer than 90 seconds unless renewed.

For instance, I was feeling the "impulse" (actually thought pattern) to eat and/or have ice cream as a comforting activity, though it ends up causing me a procedure that had me producing the result of lower blood sugar, lethargy, sleeping less well, and a higher weight.  (See Procedures To Run Life With.)  The procedure to handle it differently involved looking and seeing what results I was getting, asking what I could do differently (and figuring it out), making a commitment to sit through the initial impulse, and just sitting there breathing deeply and relaxing my stomach - and then I was perfectly comfortable and the bad habit stopped...


You might notice that all of this is not only about a procedure and the programs and actions used, but it is about generating chemicals that produce desired feelings. 

Anti-depressant medication allows more chemical availability of chemicals that cause good feelings (serotonin) and/or less bad feelings.  But it has also been proven that a good exercise program is just as effective - and it has a more lasting effect!  

Meditation, with many various procedures, has been proven to lower cortisol and to increase good chemicals - besides actually changing the expression of as many as 1500 genes (in a DNA of 52,000 genes), so that those genes would be on the favorable side or avoid the unfavorable side (such as cancer).   See The Relaxation Revolution, by Herbert Benson, M.D., which is an update of his classic The Relaxation Response. 

Just relaxing by itself (letting go of the muscle tension and/or just thinking good thoughts or visualizing something pleasant) will change your chemicals to the positive side. 


We can do this the "complex way", which is to try to learn all of the many pieces of NLP - but we often fail to master this.  

However, if we get into simple "doable" things that even a monkey could copy, we are likely to be successful. 

There are only two pieces to this approach:

1.  Giving yourself permission to realize that your current lower state and emotions are not something that must be held onto, as they are "just passing in the night". 

Of course, if it is due to an actual problem, then you must write it down and go through the problem-solving process on this site.  But once you've identified and will work on the problem, the emotion has done its job and there is no usefulness in holding onto the emotion.  So you would then blow it out by doing simple physical movements and sayings to change your state - changing your emotions and changing your state are virtually the same thing.

2.  Follow the actions list of physical movements (and add, if you wish, the "sayings" part.   You can do the physical by itself and that will work, but the "sayings" will help add impetus and, to a degree, start to add to the rewiring process that will change your brain's default sayings that come to mind - this means after awhile you will record these deeper into your automatic recordings that will come up with no effort, automatically.

You will automatically lose weight. 

We eat in an attempt to manage our emotional state.  That, of course, is a "poor strategy", as it has bad effects.  And what we eat in a tired state is the poorest quality, highest sugar and fat combination possible.

Instead, when the impulse comes up, try the breathing and movement strategies and raise your state directly. 

If you mix this with a clever "satisficer" method, you'll succeed rapidly.  See The Breathing And Nutty Weight Loss Diet.- Works Rapidly And Easily.