Often discounted because of the energy producing things he does, if you look deeply at his materials and the proven successes of his work, you see something of extremely high value, one of the highest of all trainers/consultants - and possibly the highest.  (And we've got to couple this with a full program that utilizes it.  See below.)

"The wise man exposes himself broadly to the best minds out there - and then synthesizes them into a life philosophy and a way of living that is beyond great!"

                                                                         The BuddhaKahuna

I found his trainings to be of immense value.  His 30 day (not the 7 day) CD series was, I think, the best ever done.  His seminars more  than filled you up, so I found it necessary to fully harvest the ideas by setting aside extra days to do so, so I would be engaged in Authentic Learning.  Do at least one seminar and get the best CD series.  And I recommend you set up some MP3's so that Robbins is right there with you, as you cannot help but be motivated and uplifted by his persona and his messages.

                                                                                     Keith Garrick

"Go to YouTube, enter Tony Robbins, and watch.  If you did this every morning, you would not let yourself be anything less than powerful."

If his advice and counsel is worth taking for President Clinton and other famous individuals, it seems that it certainly would be worth it for you!

Get the ideas, take the trainings, but, as with all great trainings, you are the one who needs to complete, to fill in the holes, to practice in order to actually possess it.

You've got to decide for yourself what you accept - and if you don't understand it or it appears foolish, you probably need to inquire further, until you get to the point where you actually understand it.  All the self-improvement mastery trainings have elements in them that might appear "strange", simply because they are something that one is not familiar with, so it seems 'strange' to you - but I can guarantee you that all the major ones that I recommend are based on much study and the proof that they actually work.  And the test is always "does it work", not "is it strange". 

Google him and then discover your favorite sites and go to them often, copying off the key items you want to remember and putting them into your "memory" system. 

The Note Taking Nerd Blog  On Business Mastery course, but applies to all of life.


Videos - Breakthrough TV Series (free)

You get a great idea of pushing the limits and some of the ways to do it, in actual "reality" cases.
Tremendously inspiring!   Watch.

Free Videos to become acquainted with Robbins' style and content:

Why we do what we do and how we can do it better.

YouTube videos of Robbins - I'll bet you can't watch them and not feel up.  Yes!


Best CD to listen to as a reminder/motivator:  See Robbins Resources Directory.


I did not implement everything that he proposed, as I picked what I thought was most useful and practical to implement.  

He is, as is often acknowledged, a big proponent of  NLP (Neurolinguistic Programmin).  In his Mastery Course, I knew it when it was being taught that I would not remember the prompts on my ten fingers, but the idea of "anchoring" certain associations on purpose, instead of by chance in life, made total sense.  I'll never be a big NLPer, but I will always be a fan of what Tony does. 


Date With Destiny:   Watch one of the videos, such as on YouTube (I liked Anthony Robbin's Date with Destiny 2007 Part 1) or on his site.

"The future is brighter than you can imagine when you take back the control of the part of you that has been controlling the meanings in your life and therefore the emotion of your life and through that the actions and destiny of your life.  We have such a privilege to stop for a week and listen to the whispers of destiny and decide what we want going forward."  

President Clinton
Serena Williams
Andre Agassi
Hugh Jackman
Donna Karan
Quincy Jones
Los Angeles Kings
Mike Tyson
Many other accomplished people

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Larry King
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