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Why bother?  It makes a huge difference in your life, that's why - getting refocused on what works in life, reminding you of what power looks like in your life.  Or follow a theme and go deeper and be more complete in one area.  Better yet, set aside enough time to do a "complete immersion", taking notes, working out how to implement the top 20%.  By immersion, I don't mean just 20 hours.  I mean enough time for you to really get this down, completely, with notes, observations, and decisions.


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Say Yes! - Copy this as one of your most effective basic moves!  Imitate Robbins' other body movements. Yes 1  (practice that walk, too); Example of "warm up" to yes; Other techniques, similar:  Brisbane Yes! GroupBig smile technique;    

Life Overall

Life Will Pay Whatever Price You Ask Of It (8:12)
Create A New Story (37:13) - Valuable!
What Can You Do To Be A Success (38:44)

Why, Purpose, Meaning

Why We Do What We Do And How We Can Do Better - At TED conference (Al Gore interaction also).  What drives you, really! 22 min, excellent.  Our belief maps.

Clarity And Purpose -  To live an extraordinary life, you need to condition your nervous system, body, physiology and focus to be at their best - but what it takes to do that is due to the standards you set...Musts Vs. Shoulds...  8 min.

Shift Your Focus - How to control your focus - and your focus determines how you feel... 7 min.

Tony's Philosophy - 1. What Is An Extraordinary Life?   2. Get The Best Tools    3. Unlock What's Stopping You
      What Are You Thinking About? -

What are your rituals?   

Meaning, Purpose
    Finding Your Meaning    

How Robbins Found His Passion

Breakthrough - Values, rules... understanding love, passion

View of life, world

Changing Your World View - Why are you depressed, really?  Your life condition doesn't match your blueprint - and feel powerless to change it... (7:00)

Happiness, Good Life

Create A New Story - What creates happiness, suffering.... (37:12)

Who Do You Think You Are? (Video, 8:44) - A very key distinction about you as always being a leader and who we become.  It's a "pattern" that we can change.


Tony Robbins Reveals Greatest Secret Ever (Video, 46:22)- Power of a decision.

Achievement, Results, Time Mgmt

How To Follow Through/Persist With
Your Goals - Start with Part I and then link to Part 2 on YouTube.  (9:59)

Moving From Change To Progress (Video, 31:18) - Following thru on "resolutions"

Money, Career

Financial Freedom (1:06:20)
How To Impact Your Career (43:15)


5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Life Now

  Part 1 (Video, 18:04)
  Enter title to find others...


Complete seminar(s) - Complete and powerful

A+ Best From Anthony Robbins (18 parts) - A complete 3 hour seminar presented in Asia.  The most powerful 3 hour seminar I have ever seen.  Take notes.  Implement these.  Do it until you are an expert at it - and I'll guarantee you will have what you want in life.  No 16-17 is superpowerful, but you have to get the idea from the earlier ones...   Part I   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11  12   13   14  15  16  17  18 

Informercial, Unlimited Power (with value!) - The Keys To Unlimited Success.  Many ideas. Part 1    2    3  
4   5    6 (just credits)  


Unleash The Power Within (Audio) Part I (1:01:47); Part II (54:25); Disc 3 (1:17:09);
Disc 4 (1:25:33); Disc 5 (1:25:30); Disc 6 (1:15:09)

Living Your Purpose & Winning At The Game Of Life (Audio):  Disc (1:11;45)

The 6 Human Needs (Audio) Disc (51:24)


Finding Your True Passion -    1   2    3    4    5    6    7     8  (Video)
    Love And Passion  in relationships)


Tony Robbins On The Hour - The why of success, being in the flow, state of mind, Andre Agassi... 12 min.

Very, very Inspirational, touching Reality TV Show - Breakthrough! 

You get a great idea of pushing the limits and some of the ways to do it, in actual "reality" cases.
Tremendously inspiring!   Watch.


Be sure to get the discounts, which are always available, it seems.  Just ask what the best discount is.

They can be powerful and life changing - or they can just be extremely interesting.  But in each case, as discussed in Authentic Learning, you must be sure to take the time to fully harvest and implement what is in it - and to sustain it.  These are always, in my opinion. worth it - and you should harvest them as fully as you can.  Set aside several days afterward to fully digest!  (Or you'll let alot go down the drain!

(Consider Amazon or Ebay.)

Personal Power II 30 Days (25 CD set, don't buy cassettes) - (Don't buy the 7-Day program! ) Best CD set I've ever heard, ever!


Unleash The Power Within  (9:58)


Must reads:

Unlimited Power, Robbins
Awaken The Giant Within, Robbins
Program For Learning Life From Tony Robbins - What to do in which order!  
Breakthrough - A Reality Series Of Life originally for TV, with lessons.  Remarkable.

I can't find, except for purchase, the DVDs of the 6 episodes, but the following series of coaching from each episode is useful:

The Course attached around the TV series called Breakthrough:

Awaken The Giant Within Breakthrough Challenge Course
    Intro (11:04)
   Part I (27:26) , then just go to the next one from the master list - link to it: Link

Robbins Coaching - Consider, video clips with Tony Robbins

Part 1 (Video, 15:44)
Part 2 (Video, 15:49)

World Class Events - 122 videos of world leaders, with alot of Tony Robbins, but also Richard Branson, Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker