Consider doing the following program, at least!


This also is a good way to get in touch with the energy producing behaviors!

Use this as a "suggested order to watch these in" - and use the links included in Tony Robbins - Resources Directory.

A+ Best From Anthony Robbins (18 parts) - A complete 3 hour seminar presented in Asia.  The most powerful 3 hour seminar I have ever seen.  Take notes.  Implement these.  Do it until you are an expert at it - and I'll guarantee you will have what you want in life.  No 16-17 is superpowerful, but you have to get the idea from the earlier ones...   Part I   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11  12   13   14  15  16  17  18 

Unleash The Power Within (Audio) Part I (1:01:47); Part II (54:25); Disc 3 (1:17:09);
Disc 4 (1:25:33); Disc 5 (1:25:30); Disc 6 (1:15:09)

Living Your Purpose & Winning At The Game Of Life (Audio):  Disc (1:11;45)

The 6 Human Needs (Audio)  Disc (51:24)

Finding Your True Passion -    1   2    3    4    5    6    7     8     Love And Passion (Not purpose)

Then, on the Resources Directory page, do the videos in these sections, in order:

Why, Purpose, Meaning

Change Your World View 

Happiness, Good Life (Create A New Story is based on a powerful principle.)

Tony Robbins - Resources Directory

As you go through and wish to read more on a subject, use the search engine for this site:


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Read these two books, while you are going through the video and audio:

Unlimited Power, Robbins
Awaken The Giant Within, Robbins 

The best audio program - I would say that of all of the many I have listened to this is the best

Personal Power II 30 Days (25 CD set, don't buy cassettes) - Don't buy the 7-Day program!

His workshops - Quite a bit more expensive, but they can be worth it if you do Authentic Learning!
Extremely, extremely valuable!

If you get substantial exposure to Tony Robbins and follow even part of his suggested strategies, you'll never be less than determined and standing strongly for your life.  He has coached at the highest level, Presidents, big company CEO's, etc - and he has developed the technology of success so that he is one of the top experts to access and learn from.