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Long term supports 

Adjust NOW, whenever you are less than a 7 in state of resourcefulness/happiness/peace

Never let a low energy mood stay in place, because unless it is for rejuvenation purposes you are missing out on life, not really living!

Some how we get the idea that a state (or a mood) is something that happens to us and over which we have no power.   We leave a low state in place, waiting for it to naturally, eventually go away, as if it were sacrosanct and not to be disturbed.  If we have the power of discernment to pay attention to any critical signal (like being dehydrated or being in an exhausted state) then we can alter the state as it has no legitimate purpose!  

The key is not to try "changing your attitude" by sheer willpower, but to simply do "doables" that are easy to initiate and perform.

WHAT TO DO!     

Throughout the day, for all of your life, use The Power Pause - always!!!

PHYSIOLOGY - See also Instant Energy.

__ Move body (clapping, bouncing) until feel energy, sing/shout, loud rhythmic music
__ Posture (stretched as tall as can be, chest out), big smile
__ Power clench fists (like Tiger Woods after a great shot)
__ Relaxation, breathing right then
__ Rest, but only if actually tired (or designated nap is fine)
__ Cold shower, hot shower (especially alternating them)


__ Mind inputs
   __ Pre-prepared: All is well, I'm alright no major physical threat...
   __ Picture of a successful person(s)


__ Drink water (big bunch)
__ Exercise (at least move until "pumped")
__ Healthy 150 calorie snack
__ Great nutrition, no sugars
__ Meditate, counting down relaxation


__ Write down 3 things grateful for (review your gratefulness list)
__ Look at "Memories" book(s)


__ Listen to tapes - inspiring seminars


__ Inspiring - movies, books, church,
__ Humor
__ Be around inspiring and/or supportive and/or positve people and/or high energy people
__ Plan a fun activity
__ Talk it over with a supportive aware person
__ Assure adequate sleep


"The world works.  There is plenty of stuff that is available for me to harvest."
"Life works."
"I can create virtually all I want."
"Accept reality.  Shit happens (but I'm still ok and I'll add more good in)."

Memorize 10 -20 things you are grateful for (and be able to recall those at any time you 
  wish to be happier!)

Every morning/evening programming ritual
Rejuvenation days
Journal writing daily
Have a coach and/or counselor
Getting in excellent shape physically

No bad beliefs allowed to persist


   Reminder system - Reminders Notebook (or a separate notebook for referencing this
      area so that you will be more organized and especially so you don't lose, or forget,
      the items that you create, or copy, for your own "positivity" system). 
   Playlist set up/CDs - Of "up" music or "calming" music

Have music available:

  Name                                               Type                              Purpose

Missy Elliot, Under Construction – masterpiece, hip hop with soul        Energize
TitoPuente, Dance Mania – mambo anthems                                    Energize
James Brown, Live At the Apollo - Soul                                           Energize
Chicago Symphony conducted by Fritz Reiner, Rossini: Overtures        Energize
Chic, Dance, Dance, Dance: the Best of Chic, disco                          Energize
Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto, Getz/Gilberto                                      Calming
Dusty Springfield, Dusty in Memphis, soul                                        Calming
Roxy Music, Avalon soul, calm, cool, and deeply romantic                   Calming
Salif Keita, Moffou. Luminous sound, mesmerizing voice                      Calming
Yo-yo Ma, J.S.Bach: The Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites                  Calming
Soul of Chant – Benedictine MonksChanting                               Calming
Nature Quest – Classics for Relaxation                                            Relax
Enya – Shepherd Moon                                                                Calming
Chariots of Fire - Vangelis                                                            Inspiration
Celine Dion, Let’s Talk About Love                                                  Loving

Have a page of CDs to refer to

      Reminders of rational thinking
      Statements about yourself
      Self esteem

Counter negative thinking tape
Reminders of rational thinking
Statements about yourself
Self esteem statements
Power statements
I know I’ll be ok
CD for when you’re down
A relaxation CD - light
A deep relaxation CD
A “going to a peaceful place” visualization CD



THE DETECTOR:  Not feeling good, numb, lethargy, etc.   
Detect any indicator, then stop completely


Inadequate sleep, lethargic behavior
Complaints - Correct to zero
Blaming - Self, someone else
Being a victim


TV news, tragedies having nothing to do with you
TV:  Watching arguing, violence,
Sugar downs, eating junk food (only takes a few minutes to go into decline)
Alcohol downs
Not moving, slouching

Emotion Management Contents, Links

Happiness Contents, Links

Throughout the day, for all of your life, use The Power Pause - always!!!

A High State Of Resourcefulness - A Vital State Of High Functioning And Personal Power   

State Management - The Essential Skill To Operate Maximally

Do the practice of getting back to Homeostasis ASAP!  Homeostasis (The Power Zone)

Chemicals In The Body - Balancing And Using For Functioning Better - Master the chemical factory that cause how you feel! 


A zero tolerance policy (except in absolute, real emergency)

  Accept nothing less than: 
      Energy, happiness, peacefulness  
      Full sleep, fully in Homeostasis Power Zone


Stop whatever you're doing, whatever you're
  thinking that is causing it.


  Change physiology/move
  Change your focus (to goals, picture of a  
    successful person, motivational CD or video
  Repeat your "coping statements" or "power