Determining which books to read increases the value of your learningLearning at random is seldom even a tenth or hundredth as effective

At The Stanford Graduate School Of Business, seeing the vast number of possible books on business and life, I asked the professors to recommend the top few books that they felt would be the most beneficial.  The tradition was continued in the school magazine for more than 10 years. 

Sifting and prioritizing are always useful!  Do it in your life (read my book addressing it, link from Books page). 

So, with that, I offer you the following:


Recommended Books And Resources - The main page to go to to link into the area of interest.  When you go to the area of interest book page, you can then scan for what could be of interest.  There are a substantial number of options, but they are often prioritized as to importance and which one to read first.  (See the information box on this page:  Prioritization System.)

The Best Books Lists - A listing and linking to the best books in various areas, a bit duplicative of the overall Recommended Books And Resources.

Master List Of Books, CD's, DVDs And Workshops - This list crosses and integrates all the areas, but into a prioritized list of what to read first in each area.

"SHORTCUT" LISTS - Shorter lists, of great impact!

The Most Powerful Life Books Of All - Read, and digest and utilize, the top three (bolded) books and then the other six, for sure!!!! The "must read" books for wisdom in life.

The Positive Thinking Reading/Learning List - About 25 books, ranked by importance and the order in which to read them.  They will change your life and your decisions about how to really live life!  

I have written a Mastery Of Life Books series, which you can link to for no charge.  (A few are Kindle books, see Books, that will cost 99 cents.) 

They will be copyable and modifiable for your own use and full harvesting.

Link here: The Mastery Of Life Books