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The premise of this book is that you will achieve happiness for sure if you read, understand, and do these things - which are all very doable.

The One Decision
The Allegory Of Change, Of Life, Of Happiness, Of Responsibility - Get rid of any residual of being a victim or at the mercy of something/someone else and go to the level of getting what you want, guaranteed (not based on the wishful thinking of The Secret)
Have Feelings Dictate Your LIfe ...Or Not - Understanding that feelings are mere sensations and not governors - and that the only strategy to use to get what you want is behavior, regardless of the feelings but resulting in better feelings!
The Positivity Ratio - Simply do the recommended, very doable actions to assure the positivity ratio and you are guaranteed to be happy.
    The Positives Portfolio
The Power Of Certainty - "Sufficient" Psychological Certainty 
What Produces Happiness - The top 10, linking into further discussion
     The Happiness Enhancers - Do enough of these doables to achieve the Positivity Ratio
What Produces Unhappiness - The top 10, linking into further discussion
The Happiness Schematic Overview


What Is Reality? - You can't be grounded in wisdom and smarts without knowing this!

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