tba, in process
I am doing this to help myself get clearer and also to make decisions about where I am wasting my time and life and where I should, instead, invest it or use it for a higher payoff of some sort.  What is a "payoff"?  It is anything that promotes one's living life at a higher level, experiencing the higher emotions on a solid, enduring basis in terms of happiness, fulfillment, feeling good about oneself, loving, contributing, kindness to other human beings.  Of course, a high payoff is in doing those things that maintain the body and mind and their feeding so that one can be alive and very capable of experiencing the higher emotional experiences.  

As in Living The 80/20 Life (site), it is best to eliminate 80% of your activities and replace those with high payoff (20%) activities.  To make it doable, I recommend cutting out 40% for an initial shot - and see how much time is left over.  Some of those low payoff activites are done when one is tired, so it would make sense that it is a high payoff activity to raise one's energy so that one is able to do more higher payoff activities - such as via a nap or physical movement!  

Of course, anything in excess reduces or impairs one's well-being, so learning where to set one's limits is a high payoff activity!  Obviously, I need to do those activites with higher payoff during my high productivity times and follow A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule.

See the discussion, after the boxes, on the great conflct, the great question, and what to do next.. 


Is life about getting comfort, escaping anxieties, having diversions, temporary pleasures?  To do that which will have me have a greater life is that worth it or just a deprivation, a stoic existence? 

Doesn't lots of little pleasures add up to a great life?  Or do they simply disappear?  Or are they remembered in the whole as "having a pleasant life"?  Is life about drinking beer with your buddies and feeling good socially - or do we end up empty and not truly filling our lives up? 

Wouldn't creating something that you can access/use many times over your life have "multiplied" benefits that far exceed the cost of the time invested? 

Read The Great Conflict That Can Determine Your Life!  Pleasure Versus Life Productivity And Gratification.  (The irony is that this approach actually creates more pleasure, but also produces alot more satisfaction and feeling good about oneself.


I must do first in terms of priorities that which maintains my ability to function in life. Although this could be boring, it is necessary.  And because it is the essential to having all the rest, it could be appreciated as the central core of activities that leads to all the payoffs.  I appeciate my doing this for myself!  Thank you, self!

Next, once we get to what is optional, what is at our discretion, then we should do it as early and as soon as possible.  This leads us to the irrefutable idea that we must be sure to pack this in by inserting it at the beginning of the day.  And in order to do that, we have to go to bed early, so that we can awaken early enough to do it, so that we are enlivened and feeling good and being more productive for the day. 

This means I must do this:  A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional!

I went ahead and implemented most of my "to do" list from my planning around this objective.  See What I Did To Align My Activities - Keith's Personal Changes


The Four Quadrants - Expanded Version - Eliminate ALL of Quadrant IV items and as many of III as you can!!!

Specific activities

Activites - Their Value - A worksheet for deciding what your top activities are, with suggestions about alternatives to choose from.

Activities Listing - Enjoyable Activites To Choose From - Alot of choices!

Enjoyments, Healthy Pleasures - An initial form to choose from, followed by an actual example where they are prioritized for reference by the chooser.

Master List Of What Fills Me Up

My Ideal Life Workbook - In this more extensive workbook you decide what activities would be in your life if you could choose anything. 

My Low Energy Activities - Doing Something Beneficial But Easy - A list so I don't mindlessly drop into useless activities.

My Life Plan - K 

My commitment is to eliminate these!

Irrelevant information
    TV, politics
Catalogs, thumbing through them (toss quickly)
Emails - Go through real quick for important ones, forward to yourself and put nto my AARead section.
Computer games
Eating with no legitimate need or other than normal eating times. (Can be harmful at excess and when throws off my homeostasis..)

Clean up something
Organize something

Learning along a path that consistently accumulates to sufficient mastery - not jumping around in a scattered manner. 

Doing my daily priorities plan/schedule - Focuses me on choosing what has the highest payoffs!

Exercise - Feel better, more productive for the day

Rest, rejuvenation to higher level functioning

Staying in high functioning balance (homeostasis)

    The Pause
    Low stress
    Body maintenance (exercise, nutrition, rest)

Fixing a problem ASAP  that is causing delay/harm 

Grounding/centering  - The "golden hour"

Filling up psychologically - So have sufficient "psych energy"

Re-inspiring yourself - Emotional energy to do more that is highest payoff.

Loving/contributing to others (high emotional payoff for human beings)

Staying organized (designing systems to be organized)

Breathe deeply for a set period of time, relax

Anything in excess, where the time could be spent in a higher payoff activity.

Addictions, overeating, sitting alot, lack of physical activity

Ill functioning machine = poor results
Supporting the functioning of the machine
Exercise, good nutrition
Maintaining adequate shelter
Getting done what is needed to live life (clearning, bill paying, working, etc.)