High energy activities are those that require thinking, concentration, and/or perhaps some intensity.

Low energy activities are those that you should not do during high energy times, unless it is an emergency, of course.

In Activities - Their Value, you choose those activiities that have the most value to you and keep a list, so you can pop into that list when there is a space and/or you just don't know what to do, but want to avoid wasting time in low value activities.


When I am in a lower energy state, as a human being I am operating poorly cognitives in the choices and perspective areas, though ok in the simpler prefrontal cortex activities.  In this operating condition, I can still learn and do mechanical things, but I can't seem to go through options (I don't even start) nor to choose what I want to do.  (It has not worked, therefore I now choose to recognize that and to design a new option.)

I now realize that I must choose while I am in a higher energy state and then set it up so the lower energy me can just follow a "do this, what's next" list.  So
this is my list for now:   

Clearly formulating and writing and strategizing can only be done well in high energy states, so I reserve my high energy times for that and choose to exclude those activities that are in the less productive activities.  I now run my day as close as is possible to Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional! (and this applies to rejuvenation days, too!)  It also applies to Theme Days, including Free Days, Prep Days, and Productivity Focus Days.


I make up the following largely for myself, so that I can look at what to do in low energy times other than veg out, such as watching tv.  (I'll keep this list in my Reminders Notebook.  Tape this list, copied into Word, to the top front of the tv.)

One "trick" for myself is to have something playing in the background, such as the videos from YouTube that are interesting and/or self development or productivity.   I link into The Inspiring And Useful Videos links pages I can access what might be of interest.  Also, I will watch some of the videos linked from my emails.  Yes, this is multi-tasking, which normally is unproductive, but it keeps my brain stimulated more when I'm doing something that might not be very stimulating (but is useful).

I also have to affirm: "This is useful and will help the rest of my life.  It'll free up prime time."

Also, it helps if I stand and move...

Do quick energy generation:  My yoga/stretching routine (or part of it) ... do some "rapid motion" exercises (boxing real fast, quick jumping jacks, running in place for 30 seconds, etc.
Take a nap to refresh myself or a relax-meditate-breathe type of thing for a few minutes. 

Stand up most of the time, to keep energy up and attention level and body in better functioning conditions.  Sitting for even a half hour is life-killing.

Do the list from the day

List items during the day that I will not do in prime time, but which I can put off to the evening and then do. 

Noninvolving activities - watch videos, or listen, at the same time.

Organizing and cleaning up

  Website:  Link, organize, maybe clean up some pieces on the website.
  Clear out my desk inbox completely
  Organizing, making subject files, filing, closets, garage
  Organize my notes
  Clean up something.
  Look through emails for something useful (don't do this in the morning!)
Install updates for computer

Nondual activities

Review items from the Reminders notebook or other notebooks
Watching YouTube inspirational and/or beneficial videos (The Inspiring And Useful Videos)
Read a book (aim for 1 1/2 hours if doable)
Exercise!  Go for a walk.
Watching a very good movie
Writing about my day, write in journal
Plan a trip
Review catalogs that are worthwhile reviewing
   Dump these via

Learn, investigate, research

Operate off "Learn i" on my iPad, list of what to learn, such as computer stuff
Take classes of interest
Learn something that could be fun, but where not have to be precise or driven
Learn computer stuff and how to operate better
Investigate things on my "How do I ...?" list

Central location for activities links: 

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For cross-reference for myself from page 3 and 4 which is a priority list of highest impact or enjoyment activities:

Enjoyments, Healthy Pleasures List - One of my own lists for myself.

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