Obviously whatever is out of whack should not be tolerated and should be corrected immediately.

__I can do these fitness minimums:  Including men's full body pushups: 24; women's modified pushups: 18.
   See full charts, below

__ I will not tolerate violating any of the above.  My life and well-being is much too valuable.


__ I exercise with some rigor (perspire) at least 30 minutes in a day, 4 times a week
__ I have seen an expert to solve any noticed problem
__ I breathe deeply in a sustained manner (one minute or more) at least 4 times/day (and __ I no longer find
    myself breathing shallowly and quickly)
__ I am completely relaxed (even forehead, temples, cheeks, eyes, jaw) twice a day.
__ I have good energy. 
     __ Other than some afternoon let down, I do not feel tired during the rest of the day until about bedtime.
     __ I nap as needed.
__ I feel rested and alert when (or soon after) I awake.      Sleep Checklist 
    ___Early to bed! (2 hours of sleep before midnight can double melatonin total, for great health benefits)__
__ I brush my teeth two times a day
    __ I floss daily and scrape my tongue (increases life 2 years)
__ I wear good sunglasses whenever I am in the sun.
__ I have a flu shot every season
__ I have an annual physical.
   __ I have all the necessary checkups for my age. (Reference:  Physical Goals Monitoring Sheet.)
__ 30 minutes of sunlight/day (or light box)
     __ Or I take 1000 mg D-3, with 1000 mg calcium citrate
__ Posture is always "stacked", follow proper ergonomics for work and sitting, adhere to the
   Posture Checklist.


__ I eat a very healthy diet (9 veggies/fruits per day, no fried foods or refined carbs, no sugar, essential fatty
     acids)    Diet Principles 
      __ I eat no more than one serving of red meat per week.  (Preferably zero.)
      __ I avoid high-glycemic doses, drinking no fruit juices!
      __ I eat foods providing good doses of
           __ Tryptophan
           __ B-12
           __ Omega 3 (grind flax seed)
__ I do not eat later than three hours before bedtime.
__ I eat six times a day (three meals, three 100-150 calorie snacks)
__ No coffee above 2 - 3 cups a day.
__ I drink at least 12 (8 oz.) glasses of pure water a day (with less, well-being is impaired, feel less energy
     and less focus) Water Study
      __ No sodas (kill my insulin system, plus toxins are ingested)
      __ At least one glass first thing in morning
__ I honor and follow Conquering Weight - Checklist For Getting The Odds On your Side And Making It Easy

Drugs, alcohol, toxins

__ I drink no more than one alcoholic drink per day (preferred is zero, with no dependency at all)
     __ Instead, I use direct relaxation and breathing.
__ I do not smoke

A balanced plant-based diet effects

Reduced incidence of heart disease by 86%.
Total vegan diet, prevents:
   90% of all strokes
   97% of heart attacks
Heart disease reducers:
   Average risk of man eating meat, eggs, dairy:  45%
   Eat nuts at least 5x/week: heart disease risk drops by 50% (walnuts very good)
   Leafy green vegetables 23%
Fruits and vegetables high in fiber lowers lousy (LDL) cholesterol.
   Consumption of partially hydrogenated oils: responsibe for about 40% of all cases of type 2 diabetes.
   Cruciferous (broccoli) vegetables lower risk of prostate cancer 41%
   5 or mor servings of fruits and vegetables per day reduces cancer risk 50%

Check out your body, review good physical to dos and info: - A+
Health Assessment Tools - Lots of good articles.

It is ideal to "balance" off the condition of each part, in terms of lasting the full length of one's life in terms of functionality and feeling good.  That's "the long term".  But the benefits in the short term as to how you feel and function are, by themselves, worth the effort.  And smoothly functioning causes one to be more effective and efficient with one's time, such that the time spent in "maintenance" is more than paid back with saved time - and lots of avoided mistakes and poor usage of time trying to get relief from problems.


Great question, as it is necessary, to do well in anything, to know the answers to those questions.  It is always a part of the success process to "measure" where on is AND where one wants to be, so that one can see the gap that must be closed.

Start with the conditions and direct health measures at the top and compare yours, preferably using a tracking/monitoring sheet like the Physical Goals Monitoring Sheet

Here is another minimal test that you can use to get to the next level.

MINIMUM FITNESS - At least meet the "good" ones.

Full charts of fitness criteria:   WashPost   

Men: Full Body Push-ups

        Age:      20-29   30-39   40-49   50-59   60+

   Superior        62        52       40       39      28
   Excellent      47        39       30        35     23
   Good            37        30       24        19    18
   Fair              29         24      18        13    10
   Poor             22         17      11         9      6
   Very Poor     13           9        5         3      2

Women: Modified Push-ups

         Age:     20-29   30-39   40-49   50-59   60+

   Superior        45       39        33       28     20
   Excellent      36        31        24      21     15
   Good            30        24       18       17     12
   Fair              23        19        13      12       5
   Poor               7        11         6        6       2
   Very Poor       9          4         1        0       0

How are you doing compared to these?  Are you willing to settle for less than what is good or excellent?  (I recommend excellent, but if that seems too much of a stretch, no less than good is good enough!)

Direct Health Measures

__  BMI is below 25 (at least, preferred is below 23)
__ Blood pressure 120/80 or below
__  Fasting glucose is below 100
__  HDL cholesterol is above 40.
__  Overall cholesterol is below 175.

__ I am seldom rushed and/or pressured during most days.
__ I have virtually no fat around my middle, as such fat is
    toxic to my health
__ No stiffness/inflammation, tight muscles in my body
__ I take no pills to compensate for ailments I create.
__ I have no heart disease.
from the checklist to go to related written pieces.

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