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       Increase the forces on our side  +  Reduce the forces on the other side  =  Winning!

We have the reality Conflicting Needs that we need to handle, so that we can change the odds in the battle into our favor!  We are not "bad" or to be judged as having weak character, for we are missing the boat and misunderstanding the mechanism of willpower and self-control - and forgetting that we are human, but not using that as an excuse.  Read what you are interested in on the the

Actually, while we are in the process of losing weight, there will be things that we shall read that will enhance us in other parts of our lives - which will then enhance our ability to manage our weight successfully and be the slim, trim person we want to be!

A key force we want to put on our side is that of "clarity", for without it we are not clear on what to do, why to do it, and/or our commitment to do it.  Vagueness is a powerful opposing force. 

While you are in your higher brain, fully refreshed, circle the items that are occurring on the "opposing forces" side and put a checkmark on the "forces on my side" where you are doing them and, if you're not, then circle the ones you will do.


A plan, knowing what to do when
    Realistically fit with my conflicting needs.
    A sleep plan
    A doable exercise plan
    How to fill up sufficiently, be satisfied (high fiber,
       good fats)
    What to eat
         Clearing the kitchen of all else
         The shopping list  
     Set up a great reward 
     Set limited trial time
     Set of good strategies - Water, breathing,        
        waiting out the urge to 12 minutes
Regularity in eating times
   Not eating at least 3 hours before bed
   Eat a hearty breakfast! 
   Only a very light supper or none at all
Eliminate blood sugar disturbers (sugars refined foods)
    Stabilizers:  Chromium, not being tired 
A strong commitment and declaration
A strong why, that is clear 
A monitoring system for feedback
A partnering system for encouragement, accountability
Do the opposite of stress (breaks, breathing)

Knowing the portions to eat, having them pre-prepared.
Make preparation quick and easy
   The smoothie
   Crockpot; pre-preparation of many meals 
Substitutes that are good
    Breathing deeply - believe it or not!
    Small pieces of fruit instead of coffee  

Have posted a checksheet and reference sheet for what to eat

Use a weight loss plan notebook, with dividers for each section for reference. (Example.)
Carry with you, at all times, a wirebound notebook to record everything you eat, thoughts, etc., (you can use pages for other things, too, as this is a top strategy for all highly productive people.

Have with you at all times a "spreadsheet" of instructions - and look at it when you need to know what to do - kind of a guideline sheet. (Until I set up a prototype, see my own Dashboard.)

Bad diet
Low energy
Poor blood sugar regulation
Caffeine - Increases anxiety!
Low movement
Hunger, without healthy filler-uppers
Poor hydration
Feeling of sacrifice 
Lack of willpower (see Increasers & Decreasers)
Sleep deprived or too low:  causes one to eat more.
Low melatonin
Low serotonin, tryptophan - Seek food as "comfort"
Artificial sweeteners
Not having good foods available, or not knowing what to eat, so eat bad stuff.

Not stimulating "I'm filled up" hormone (eating too fast, not enough fiber 
Buying into mythical causes:  The Self-Sabotage Myth.

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