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Vicious cycles
Break them via "doables" (mechanicals) not "battle"
Not just a stigma, a real problem!
Doing it the easier way, removing the barriers
The secret ingredient
No one in their right mind would choose the "killer" alternative

   Learn the principles 1st!
   Tools, measures


1. Sleep  →  Hormones, tiredness  →  Eat for 'energy'         →   Weight ↑

2. Weight ↑   →   Self-view ↓   →   Willpower  ↓                  →   Weight ↑

3. Hormone imbalance →            Appetite off                      →  Weight ↑
                                          Metabolism off

4.Weight ↑  →   Toxins ↑                                                    →   Weight ↑
                        Energy ↓

5. Mood ↓  →  Willpower   ↓         →     Exercise ↓             →   Weight ↑

6. Anxiety ↑  →  Seek relief   →   Lack of good strategies,
                                                      so use food                 →   Weight ↑

7. Failures  →  Willpower   ↓                                              →   Weight ↑

And other cycles!

And we must address each one, having strategies for all of them.  When we work them all together, it will be easier to reach our goals - and the struggle will be taken away. 

Also, as part of the process and as a needed strategy, we will find that gaining  clarity about the whys and the whats will cause better navigating. 

And, while it won't carry all the load, it is vital to have a clear, written commitment, not only as to intent but as to specifics of what you will do!  

Diets fail when there are not complete strategies, as you get hit where your vulnerability is greatest.


As humans we are strictly mechanical, so we have to follow the rules and limitations of "humanness", not deride ourselves for not being super-human - but, of course, we misunderstand this and then we deride ourselves for our weakness, which in turn exacerbates the problem even more!

When we don't move forward as we think we should, it is because of mechanics.  We simply have conflicting needs.  (Read Conflicting Needs and understand how to switch the odds in any battle.)

We need to increase the power on the "good side" and reduce the power and number of the 'enemy' on the other side.  (Actually, the 'enemy' is not the enemy, it is just a good function that is designed to meet a need in humans.) 

When we are caught in downward spirals, we need to break the "causal chain" and then adjust all the elements toward our objective.  (In life, you must have an understanding of The Causal Chain For Behaviors.)


Being overweight has a social stigma, but that is nothing compared to the effect on your health, as your organs are squished and your systems go out of whack, leading to lots of other problems from cardiac to low energy.

You just can't afford to keep up the weight.  Now is the time to go through the process thoroughly and completely, to assure that you will be knowledgeable enough and committed enough and using the easier path to actually being of a healthy weight!!!

See, on instant play, "Killer At Large, Why Obesity...".


When one is constantly defeated or not successful, it is not because one is weak or stupid.  It is because one is not following the principles, the key one being "1st remove the barriers." 

Actually, this is about not having enough knowledge in a critical area.  So, the first thing to do is to read to gain adequate knowledge in any critical area, as it will affect the rest of your life dramatically.  Read You On A Diet, Roizen and Oz, for your basic grounding.

The key barriers:

1.  Lack of sleep creates a need for stimulants and carbs and eating. 
         More sleep = less weight
2.  High cortisol, from stress (imbalances, cravings, desperation)
3.  Ups and downs in sugar levels (you have more cravings, systems go awry)
4.  High levels of insulin, often created by high cortisol, in a downward spiral.
5.  Iceberg beliefs that can sink me. 

High cortisol and high insulin levels create a formula for higher weight. (See Managing Your Cortisol.)

High cortisol has exercisers breaking down muscle tissue into glucose; lose muscle mass and your metabolism drops.  Excess sugar is converted to fat.  Fat stored in the abdomen lowers sex hormones and energy (and lowers muscle mass again!), creating huge problems.  One's immunity and efficiency in one's body declines, weight goes up.  Low energy creates cravings, unfortunately filled via instant energy, which then creates a down, and so on into an addictive frenzy beyond the control of the person involved.  And cardiac problems abound, while energy is reduced way down, and then the dreaded diabetes syndrome (and Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome).   We lose our memory and we lose the quality of life, not to speak of the years of life we lose (see 

The solution is always to intervene earlier in the process where it is easier and more effective (see discussion in Stress section), before the momentum wipes you out. It's easier when you do that, and your success rate soars!   And gradually all systems will go back "on", operating as they should, with weight dropping and mood going up.


To everything there is a "how to", which lays out what you do specifically.  But the secret always lies into how to get those items into effect.  Yes, partnering makes a huge difference, as does following the right principles (such as pre-proportioned meals and snacks). 

But the ultimate secret weapon is "The Decision" and how the decision shows up in The Commitment.  (See the No Exceptions, 100% Commitment to get the idea and as an example of what you might do.  Also, see the Commitment section, under Power In Life.)


But most do choose the short term, ignorant behaviors and ways of living - that's what this site is about, changing those destroyers of life and correcting the gradually boiling frog syndrome (see Your Five Biggest Decisions In Life.


LOSING WEIGHT: THE MOST DIRECT, PERMANENT WAY - If you want to lose it and be lean for life,
    it's simple - and you'll not be hungry. One page!
DIET PRINCIPLES - Apply these for an easier time losing and maintaining.  (Post on refrigerator.)
Losing Weight Is Easy - If you follow these, you'll lose weight.  A checklist on which you check off
    those you will do.  Two pages.  
LOSING WEIGHT; THE BEST METHOD - A simple plan to implement to be the most successful - planning, partnering, committing, all the pieces.  Don't be a "gradually boiling frog", lulled into sure death (while living!).   
Commitment - My Commitment To Achieving My Desired Weight and Lifestyle.  No actual written commitment = less good results!    (Add a "by when" date.)
       See the 100% Commitment page - It works! (It is one of the Power In Life pieces.)


My Weight Control Plan - Actual example.
My Nutrition/Weight/Exercise Plan Numbers - A Quick-Glance Sheet To Guide Me - An actual example of the numbers and components of my plan to lose weight.


(F)      Weight Monitoring Graph  - This process is proven to be effective and necessary.
               It worked for me, tremendously well! 

Tickle, right now, for a check up on your weight (and also add other measures) yearly, specifying what the target weight to maintain is.  Without this, one slips into lethargy and habituation.  Your life is more important than the luxury of getting fat.


Proper weight calculation -  Do these two for sure

Traditional height weight chart for frame   Calc 1   Calc2 
Body Mass Index - Calculating the weight goal, knowing what is unhealthy and will kill you,

Calories consumption - Right for me, exercise, particular items

Calorie calculation - Right amount for me - How many calories should you consume a day? (Answer that one question, do pre-portions and you won't have to count calories or resist temptations.  See DIET PRINCIPLES.)

Calculating calories in foods, drinks:  Buy a small scale (Bed Bath And Beyond, Salter Electronic Scale)    
   – Can have a whole day accumulated, takes awhile to
                  figure out.
   – Calculate calories for any food item
            QuickCalc - By type of food group and "size", so simpler

Calories in exerciseTable1: A look up;  
                               Table 2: A calculator adjusting for weight and time for each type of exercise


   Link:           WWW.REALAGE.COM for information and testing!
   Books:        Body For Life, Bill Philips - A great program with specific instructions and great
                        comments and motivation.  Get this book even if you hire a fitness trainer.
                     PICTURE PERFECT PRESCRIPTION, Dr. Howard Shapiro.  4 11 day daily
                       programs that quickly install and give the perspective needed in exercise,
                       nutrition, and stress management plus a section on connectedness to people. 
                       Very good.  Includes a CD and a DVD, for life span calculator, exercise demos...!
                     Small Changes Big Results, Ellie Krieger, A 12-week Action Plan To A Better
                       Life, an excellent program to follow with regard to nutrition, exercise, and stress-
                       busting, integrating all 3 into each week.  It could be used after the Shapiro
                       program above.  It is good to have a systematic program to keep oneself on
    Resources:  The only proven statistically effective program is Weight Watchers - Join now!

Pre-preportioned meals - Also available with most training programs, but these are separate.
Preset food portions are provided, so that discipline is much easier and meals are already balanced.  This eliminates the "keeping track" problem. - Only need heating, usually 1 minute.  Easy.  About $320--$350 a month.  
     (You must add fresh items, such as vegetables and fruits, which is easy.)

WEIGHT WATCHERS - This program, per one report, is the only statistically proven program.  
CALORIESPERHOUR.COM - For free, various calculators and advice for weight loss.



Weight Contents/Links 

Physical Contents/Links


Conquering Weight - Checklist For Getting The Odds On Your Side And Making It Easy - Use this to set up your path!



Losing Weight Is Easy 


See other links at bottom of the page.


My Weight Plan
My Nutrition/Weight/Exercise
   Plan Numbers

What's legitimate, what's not

Weight = Calories added net + net weight of non-caloric added.  (Water, waste products) 

See The Actual Weight Loss Formula - People Misinterpret And Misattribute - People are fooled in evaluating diets.

What Is Water Weight Loss? (Livestrong)

Carbs & Water. Carbs bind to water. So eating less carbs will make you lose weight: water loss. This is why you lose so much weight on a diet like Atkins the first 2 weeks: it’s mostly water. Of course, increasing your carb intake will make you gain weight again: water retention.

Super weight loss does not equal fat loss:  Diet and exercise cause the body to lose lean tissue and water along with fat, making it unlikely that initial weight loss truly addresses fat only.
As a consequence, wwe misinterpret which diets are most effective.  But it boils down to net burning of fat, based entirely on a calorie deficit.

Fat is 50% water, while muscle is 75% water.  Diets that lose more weight than the calorie deficit would suggest do so because of a combination of muscle loss and the related water that leaves the body, any dehydration, lessening of retained "waste" in the body - not from fat loss!!!!