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Oprah, Please! Take Care Of Yourself! - We want you to be around and to be healthy and happy.

Weight, Health, And Control - Making It Easier To Be At The Right Weight! - Main page

The Simple Weight Loss Solution - Absolutely Doable And Guaranteed To Work - Just do it!

My Nutrition/Weight/Exercise Plan - K's.

The Hungry Person Substitute This For That - Satisfaction At A Lower Calorie (And Health) Cost - Lessen the impact and...

High Fructose Corn Syrup - A Toxic Killer - Proof, scientifically, about the damage and how we must, must, must dramatically change this!


Metabolic Syndrome - Consists of b/p, blood sugar, body fat, cholesterol levels too high, dramatically increasing risks. (Outside site)
Addictions - Overweight is, except in very rare cases, a matter of inappropriate strategies. 


Commitment - My Commitment To Achieving My Desired Weight and Lifestyle   
   See the 100% Commitment page - It works! (It is one of the Power In Life pieces.)


LOSING WEIGHT: THE MOST DIRECT, PERMANENT WAY - If you want to lose it and be lean for life, it's simple - and you'll not be hungry. One page!
DIET PRINCIPLES - Apply these for an easier time losing and maintaining.  (Post on refrigerator.)
Losing Weight Is Easy - If you follow these, you'll lose weight.  A checklist on which you check off those you will do.   
LOSING WEIGHT; THE BEST METHOD - How to be the most successful - planning, partnering, committing, all the pieces.  Don't be a "gradually boiling frog", lulled into sure death (while living!).   


(F)      Weight Monitoring Graph  - This process is proven to be effective and necessary.  It worked for me, tremendously well! 

Quick Reference: See Nutrition Contents/Links.:
Serving Sizes, by item, with calories, grams. 


Proper weight calculation

Traditional height weight chart for frame   Calc 1   Calc2 
Body Mass Index - Calculating the weight goal, knowing what is unhealthy and will kill you,

Calories consumption

Calorie calculation - Right amount for me - How many calories should you consume a day? (Answer that one question, do pre-portions and you won't have to count calories or resist temptations.  See DIET PRINCIPLES.)

Calculating calories in foods, drinks:  Buy a small scale (Bed Bath And Beyond, Salter Electronic Scale)    
     www.Calorieking.com -   
     www.Caloriesperhour.com – Can have a
          whole day accumulated, takes awhile to
          figure out.
     www.Realage.com – Calculate calories for
           any food item
     QuickCalc - By type of food group and "size",
         so simpler

Calories in exercise:
    Table1: A look up;  
    Table 2: A calculator adjusting for weight and
        time for each type of exercise

The Problems and Barriers To Gaining Proper Healthy Weight

The BS out there.
Tying to spiritual mysticism
Ignorance of how the mechanisms work!
Ignorance of how to make it easy, sustainable
No concrete plan
No concrete, clear goal
No really really clear reason why
Ignorance of consequences (or no clarity)
No rules, no schedule
Inadequate satisfaction
Poor strategies for relief, calming, etc.

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Nutrition Contents/Links - See especially the Subsitute This For That and the Nutrition, Food Checklist for what to buy.


This is what I designed to work for myself:  The Breathing And "Nutty" Weight Loss Diet - It Works And Is Rapid And Easy 

My old plan:

My Plan For Losing Weight And Managing It For My Lifetime - This Is What I Will Do - This worked to a degree, but it was before I studied The Process For Effective Change.

Designing A Weight Loss Plan That Is Complete, Which Will Succeed.- Do it the right way, completely, so that you will succeed for sure.