We make this all into some grand, epic battle, when it is all pretty darned simple - and easy.  (Incidentally, it is not about willpower or character - it is about strategy and your stepping up to responsibly choose it.)

I write this for myself, as well as others, though I am considered to be "slim-ish" by most people.  I know the effects of any excess fat or burden and I will not accept those, period!

The overarching principle is rather simple:  Calories in must be less than calories spent and/or excreted.  (Duh!)  (Note that one will expend more calories in digesting certain foods compared to others:  Proteins use 20-30% of the calories ingested, so they actually only net 70-80% of the calories eaten!  Fats, 2-3%, Carbs, 6-8%.  Whole foods use more calories for digestion while refined foods use very little, which means they tend to be more fattening per calorie taken in, plus they tend to make us want to eat more - a deadly combination in many ways.

This principle must be honored.  You do it by having a rule that, no matter what, you never intake more calories than you expend - never!

Small, pre-proportioned meals (see below) or at least eat on a 9 inch plate
No white carbs, no sugar (no fruit juices, soda),
Nothing fried, no manufactured fats
Lots of fiber (and lots of water, so...) - Almonds as a small snack or to quell slight empty
Stop cravings - Exercise each time you get a craving for "comfort food" or use a diet like the Atkins' diet where you never feel hungry.  (See video from a vegetarian about this diet's proven benefits.  The Battle Of The Diets.)
Exercise each time your energy drops below "good" - each time
    Small energy break each 90 minutes (Instant Energy - From Something Good)
An ounce of water for every two pounds, set up filled containers first thing in am (!)
Lots of protein at breakfast.
Cook a full quart sized bowl of frozen vegetables as a supply for nibbling.
Sleep a full eight hours


Although we argue about motivation and impulses, a reasonable diet always includes some stuff that has us be filled up.  The problem is that, on our own, we don't know when we are filled up enough or "need" food.  So, it is best to let someone else figure it out (though you can set this up yourself, with a food scale and a calorie list).

(First 2 parts are from my My Nutrition/Weight/Exercise Plan Numbers.)

1.  Identify the weight that is healthy; decide your ultimate acceptable weight. (Calc Proper Weight)
2. Simply calculate the number of calories I need:   (Calorie Calculation)
3. Eat pre-set up meals, preproportioned, per allowance that totals to proper calories.

The latter part is easy if you use Nutrisystem's pre-preportioned meals.  You just eat it, no more, until you are at your right weight.  (There are no "irresistible" urges.  That's myth.  Just do the simple, easy temporary "invigoration movements":  Instant Energy From Something Good! .  There is also no question of "am I eating enough for proper energy?", as they've already computed that.)  Just do it!  Skip all the hard calculations and "variations", etc..  Make sure there is zero ambiguity.  No sophistication.  No figuring out anything.  (My Pre-Proportioned Meal Plan, what I set up for myself if not using Nutrisystem type plan.)

To help ease the process, use the fiber drinks, to feel full, and drink lots of water. 

Just keep doing it until you lose the right amount of weight. 


Once you reach the desired weight, you set a limit (about 2-3 lbs higher).  When you reach that limit, implement Plan B Weight Maintenance Program.  Plan B is doing the above, again, until you get back to your desired weight.  (You might want to go a bit below your desired weight to give yourself a bit more of a time period before implementing the maintenance program.)

Meanwhile, you will implement the Proper Healthy Eating Program.   Sorry, no way around it, as you can't be healthy by eating unhealthily (duh!). 

"But I can't, as I am the victim of mysterious forces (aliens?) inside me."

Yes, you can.  Just wait for the emotion to pass (it takes 90 seconds if not restimulated by repeated thoughts) or 12 minutes for the physical urge to stop (just use the "basic breathing while waiting" method.  No psychotherapy needed, no blaming lack of love in your childhood, or other such nonsense.  ("But...but...but...", you say.  Well, that's from faulty beliefs.)  Read "Stupid Strategies For Feeling Better."


That's it, folks. 

Problem solved. 

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