Imagine every day you spent the time to look at the day and to get perspective on the day and what needs to be done and then choose what to do, making sure that there was plenty of time to take care of the core needs in your life, to keep you in the zone (The H-Zone) so that your body and mind would be running smoothly, and that you centered yourself for the day so that you felt powerful and strong.  Then you calmly, with a comfortable pace, took charge of the day and just enjoyed the miracle of life...

I could have used the term "strengthening the core", except that the work to create the basis for the strength is done more on a separate basis - and then it is available to be "solidified" for each day.  (The "solidifying" is more like "more deeply grooving it in" or "installing" it until it is thoroughly ingrained.)

The idea is to go forth with a strong core such that you remain in full power and perspective - and invulnerable to circumstances or people because you don't need them to do "what you want" because you are self-sufficient and feeling strong and ready to deal with life and to create happiness no matter what.

Of course, if you limp weakly into the day, for whatever reason, you're not ready to play in the game of life, just as you wouldn't be ready to play in a sports game.

Many people go into the game "unready" and they suffer all day trying to regain their balance or get back into being highly functional.  With a solidified core, you're ready to walk boldly through the day, with confidence, perspective, and a happy viewpoint.

Even when one has very little time, this is a must, that you solidify the core.  And on especially busy days, you can use only very little time to return to superpowers that will last all through the day. 

Use the items below as a checklist.  If something is already solid, move to the next item. 


                   Energy        +         Groundedness        +        In-Charge

Powerful people do what makes the most impact.  And maintaining the "powerfulness" is what they do well.  The above is "the process" to begin the day, though many powerful people will have some permanently installed, with no or only occasional tune-ups needed.  

If you maintain your "powerfulness", you, too, will express power, which shows up in getting the results you want.

Technically, doing the two top biggest "to dos" is not part of the core of your life, but it is part of making the day be complete and feeling satisfied - it's a bit of a continuation that is difficult to separate - and it further anchors in the feeling of power.  If one tries to fit these things in later, they might not happen and the day will be less powerful. 


__ Stretching/energizing/exercise 
__ Nutritional complete and excellent  
__ Complete relaxation attained

__ Commitment to do what is best, right, powerful.
__ Knowing nothing can phase me
__ Life is good.  I love life.
__ What practices I will do this day..
__ Grateful, perspective on foundation

__ I'm ok.

__ Clear on core values and what is 'not core and not of consequence'.

__ Feeling safety      
__ No negatives thoughts unresolved (or not sheduled for a resolution time)

__ I have structured my day for what I want.
__ Specify to dos for the day, schedule (plan, direct your energy and direct it to what is most important)
__ Just make sure to do the two top biggest to dos (eat the frogs), not the most appealing. 
__ Two key productivity blocks, following my Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule.

The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter 


A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day!  For An Always Powerful Day! Not Optional! - The necessary foundation for great days!

Follow the links from that, especially about the grounding process called "Me Time", but really about grounding.