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Master Listing Of Principles And Laws - Live By These And Life Will Be Incredible

The core of
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The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter

The architectural plan:

The LifePlan - See the instructions.

Creating Your Life Plan

A must to be clear on:

You must clear away this barrier if you want to attain your highest"

The Believing Brain - What we will believe as the truth but which isn't!


"We tend to want to jump up to the higher stuff when we have not yet built the platform upon which to stand.  The way to create a great life is most surely by building it, one building block at time.  Note that this is the way to guaranteeing a great life, rather than hoping or randomly trying to learn what to do in life!"

                                                       The BuddhaKahuna

When we miss a building block, we are stuck with recurring problems and bad experiences that, if we had built thoroughly, we need not have!!!!

Read The Believing Brain to see how and why we do this!  (You must be convinced that "what you believe that you know is the truth" might not actually be the truth if it has not been rigorously challenged.  Or, as taught by a professor teaching history, don't rely on any explanation without using critical thinking, both in relation to the facts AND to the reasoning an logic.)

Life is easy if you do it the right way.  It is hard if you do it the wrong way, having to keep revising, rebuilding, and only correcting when we get bad results - though some people just keep on doing what they were doing, hoping that somehow they'll get a different result or that things will magically work out on their own (though the "good fairy").

The right way is to build from the core of life on outward.  (Read The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter.)

This "core" is analogous to the foundation of a house.  It must be build solidly or the house will not have structural integrity (and you won't either).  A strong wind will blow it off the foundation. 

And in order to even start on the foundation, you've got to have an architectural design and the directions on how to build the home (a plan).  This is, in life, called LifePlan.  (Click on that link to see what it looks like.)

You cannot base a good/great life on anything less than a great physical foundation of health (Super-Simple Basics Of Your Body - Follow These And You'll Live Long, Feel Great)! 


Although this may be a bit repetitive, let me lay this out, perhaps, more clearly.

Convince yourself more deeply, be clearer

The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life!
The One Decision That Determines All Of Life

Build a blueprint (Nobody succeeds without doing this basic.)

     Identify what you want to build to arrive at happiness.
     Do a quick version of the key elements of your  LifePlan.  (Consider the
        "medium plan" to start with.)

Build the strongest, most empowering belief system, as that is what runs your life!

     Nothing is more powerful in your life.  Nothing runs your life more.  Nothing has
         more powerful effects on the quality of your life and happiness.  A belief
         system based on reality and what actually works creates incredibly great
         emotional value in your life.  Nothing allows you to be more effective in life and
         allows you to get all of what you want!
     It is the foundation for setting up the rules, the way you lead your life, what you
         do that will create the best results in life, your perspective, living unconditionally
     The process is a reconstruction of what you originally learned the wrong way,
         when you were unable to know better, so it takes time, but has the biggest
         payoff per hour of effort of anything else you can do with your time.

Build a core around which to run your life

     A decided pre-set "schedule" of how you'll run each day!!!
          (A Pre-Set Super-Committed Schedule)
     A decided way of taking care of your health (Super-Simple Basics to follow at
     A decided way of having stress-free days. (Learn about stress; do The Pause
         often, for the rest of your life; build Sufficient Certainty.)
     An order in which you'll build The Core Of Your Life .

Build-in a time to review, a time to renew, a time to learn

    A pre-set day/time to review what is happening and to plan, every single day,
         week, month, quarter, and year.  (No review, no
         great life...)  See The Calendar For When To Plan.
    Complete days, weeks set aside for rejuvenation 
    Complete large chunks, days set aside for preparation (including learning) - Often
        left out, so people end up stopping short of being prepared well and
       completing their learning and competencies. 


Hop back on The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life and follow the sequences!


In life, we get into "fuzzy thinking" where we are not seeing reality.  We think that somehow we should be a particular way magically, as if that way was fully sprung from the loins of a god (in ancient times).  We just skip over the process of determining what is true and workable.

We skip over what is needed and then we "believe" that life is hard, when it actually is not - if you go about it the right way - and do a systematic "build" process.


Life is built the same way one builds a house.  Life is intangible, so that we fail to see the similarity. 

We "make up" stuff about how we get a figurative "fully built house" in a life area. Somehow magic or wishful thinking or The Law Of Attraction (misused, without action) is the way we go about trying to get what we want in life.

But it doesn't work that way.  We just made up all these "forces", entities, and/or ways things would happen in order to have an explanation of how things work - one that is totally wrong, though it does "fill the gap" so that we do not experience the discomfort of not knowing.


(Note that this is built into The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life! program. Or just enter the phrase below into the site's search engine.)

We discuss it further down this page, where there are also links, but here are the key elements:

Get the overview of life and how it works -
   Quick grounding

Decide what level of life you are committed to living at (you get the perspective and clarity from the reading above)

Build the strongest, most empowering belief system as that is what runs your life! (including the philosophy to live life through)

Build a core around which to run your life (from simple time management systems to "no stress" systems).

Build in a time to learn (build knowledge) to assure the wisdom to run a life well.

Build a life plan to follow (follow or revise the one I have set out for you).  With this we also build rules, systems, supporting resources, life skills to enable us to be able to live a better/best life.

Do this - and you will assuredly live a great life!