Quick, very rough draft

A journey must have a destination and/or a direction.


Overall:  To get to the point where life is easy and good, where almost all days are centered and grateful and Barbara is fully-in-charge.


Beliefs:  All core beliefs that were dysfunctional have been re-worked, with the new ones installed; a new, strong foundational philosophy of life.
Plan, live by values: A completed plan, where Barbara creates the new future and clearly sees her values and how to live them in life and not be dependent on circumstances or people.
Self-Esteem:  She will see her strengths and all that is solid and good about herself, and see through the illusions of right/wrong, good/bad.

To be:

An adult, rational and nurturing
Totally in charge, with no dependence on outside people or circumstances for her core feeling good
Blameless, with no anger, resentment
Unhurtable, realizing this truth of reality
At peace

Living this way:

Living her values instead of depending on achieving goals, circumstances, and/or other people.
Self-nurturing and loving, whole and complete in that regard
Speaking positively and powerfully, as a good example for others
To have "good enough" be her standard, with no unrealistic standards and expectations
Self regulation to stay in physical and emotional homeostasis and balance
Not dependent on substances for mood regulationd, learned and installed natural means, ability to
   accept discomfort without concern and interpret it correctly
Ability to apply the problem solving techniques
Able to self-disciplined, in an easy, non-resistant, workable way (must get perspective on this to see
   that it is true and attainable)
Supporting structures (procedures, schedules, etc.) decided and used, with reasonability and balance
   and without excess 

Daily Centering:

    So in gratitude and see "what is"
    Being safe is established (realizing there are very few meaningful consequences and that undesired
          outcomes can be handled and something positive created from that point forward)
    Read Daily Reminders reading
    Daily positive reading, lots of positive inputs


   Daily planning, weekly planning and schedule

Barbara will complete:

   Her Reminders Notebook and be using it each day
   Her new belief system, with affirmations
   Her plan for her life, as in the planning and overview section in her contents table.

To accomplish these objectives it is necessary to follow in a disciplineed manner a clear path, to direct our energies to building a true foundation.  As such, although programs for dealing with circumstances also need to be in place, we must avoid getting into dealing with the symptoms (individual circumstances).  Each interaction must result in nailing down something that will create progress.  We will follow the ideas from the Problem Solving section.