Without any judgmental or labelling, these are the assessments of where we are, things needing corrrection and/or improvement, and plans for what might work better.


Keith's part

The lack of extensive experience in the area is a major drawback, and it is reasonable to hypothesize that a professional should be involved, with Keith as more of a peripheral teacher.  It would also be helpful to have him encourage Barbara to fill in her support team more, using as much as possible the Landmark seminar leader.

Keith needs to direct the energy toward more completion of the causes (the beliefs) of all of the symptoms.  He needs to follow the new format for coaching, and get agreements on what will be done by Barbara so that she is focused on getting something done rather than circumstantial (repeated) symptoms.  There should be no next conversation without 1st completing the agreed homework.  Keith needs to be more disciplined in this area and to ask assertively, repeating as needed.

Keith has been doing work in this area at a pretty random level subjectwise and hasn't emphasized or created what the objectives are so that they are clearer.  See current version done today:  Objectives.

He needs to adjust to Barbara's style and current tolerance for this type of work.  He assumed she would apply the same thinking and skills she did in her masters work, but it appears he needs to dechunk it into more doable pieces, doing one at a time.

He often would throw too much her way, with no rhyme or reason as far as a direction and tying things down.


Generally more able to shift into a problem solving, more objective mode.

Able to see more things on her own and make suggestions. 

Objectives:  The above are not objective measures: 

So we need to have the tests to provide a current point and from which to measure progress.
     Barbara did not give Keith the actual filled in sheet, but did score 1's and 2's on
           the Self Esteem Evaluation, so the assumed score until corrected will be 32. 
     The Stress Evaluation was never reported as completed.

Completions:  This needs to be filled in better.  But here is what is recalled now.

Copy of activities and hours.  (Keith has not completed his evaluation and new suggestions on how to reorganize such a schedule and manage life.)

A procedure for what to do in hyperventilation.  Was supposed to be on a card and immediately available.

Plan for getting off tranks.

Others will have to be filled in by Barbara, so she recognizes what she is done and sees that her work is recognized. 

Incompletions:  (The completions done so far are more in the area of coping with symptoms.  No discernible, in writing, new versions of her core beliefs - it is the major undone AND it is the most critical area to hone.)

     Reminders Notebook set up
     1st conversion page done by Barbara of a major core belief.
     None of the steps in (at least none in writing) The Process For Changing Beliefs
         Step By Step