What do you want to handle next?  Will you then do what is necessary to complete this?

It is vital that you learn how to know the difference between what is true and what is not true, using the absolutely 100% provable criteria - believing untruths is at the source of lack of confidence and of lack of positive thinking - study this until you can make a definite statement:  "I know something is not necessarily the truth if it is not 100% provable, so I will not believe believe such."  See and read all related items:  The Truth Test,   Living a life based on truth; Fact, Truth, Reality; Reality;  

Just work on the "doables" for now, of inserting the items in your Reminders Notebook (and, if you want, your LifePlan Notebook).

Get straight on Discomfort.
Notice: Nothing Happened
The Formula For Great Success In Life 

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