Of all the people I know, she is the only person I could put in the highest category of happiness.  (See The Happy Woman's View Of Success.)  Some people were highly effective in terms of results in their lives, while some were also generally happy, but none were in the "total happiness" arena. 

If I say to her something like, if you keep doing that you'll go straight to heaven, she'll say "I'm already in heaven."

She is "up there" in years, though she will not share that, holding strongly to the idea that age is not relevant and to the idea that she doesn't want to put it  out there so that she need not deal with people expecting her to be "age appropriate." 

She is very active and very helpful to people, without concern about giving too much, but she never gives so much that she is not totally taking care of herself.

She will not go "by convention" and sees through many of society's little games and things that make no sense. 

Unassuming, humble.  A touch of class, dresses without thought and attractively.

Kind, very understanding.  Gives people alot of leeway.  However, she is quick to recognize who she should not be around.

Does what she needs to do, without complaint.  She is honest and will say when something was a hassle, like an operation and going to the doctor, but she is not whining.

She does her extensive workout/stretching/conditioning routine without even thinking that she should be doing something else or that it is hard.  See  The Morning Routine Of One Happy, Healthy Woman.  She is in better shape than most people 30 years her junior.  She is very strong. 

She hasn't always been this way.  Just a very few years ago, she had an "attack" of arthritis where she was "disabled" to such an extent that she had to crawl to the bathroom from the bed.  She attacked the problem with the exercise program and implemented the blood type diet, which she sticks to and maneuvers around situations where there might be inappropriate foods.  Vitamins and health.   She is completely free of any arthritis.  She doesn't catch colds even if she is very close to those who have them.

She can be "hurt", though she sees it more as sadness or disappointment and not actual "hurt", as she knows that no one can actually hurt her (other than physically, of course). 

If she has to do something, she just does it, really soon, without procrastinating.
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