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You can be unstoppable, assured of success and happiness

Simply:  Master your mind --> Master your life --> Be happy

To master your mind, just do the learning and the practicing.  It is not very difficult - and it is immensely achievable.

Know what happiness is and its causes
   Thought mastery (no flabby mind)
        Emotional intelligence
             Eliminate worry, fears
                  "No failure ", 'basic safety'
   Powerful Life Philosophy
   Physical/energy mastery*
   Life skills learned (thinking, learning,
      problem solving, planning,
      time/productivity mgmt.)
       Become a highly disciplined time
  Stress management mastery, daily
  Determine wants, create template,
System to keep you on track
       Planning, Reminders/grounding,

*If I don't do this, I will give up these benefits.

(You craft something that works for you.)

I am totally committed to living my life at the fullest, with no compromise, taking care of myself along the way and making sure I am happy every day. 

I realize I have a potential far beyond what a limited number of life years allows me to harvest, so I harvest the highest yield.

I rest and mellow out as needed AND I exude boundless energy, enthusiasm, and glowing health. 

I am serene, confident, at peace with life and the future.  I am totally in charge of my life and I can rely on my steering it toward what is both right and most important - I always know that I have life handled.

I live with great zest, firing it up at every chance I get. 

I will live a long time, living a life of perfect health and wholesomeness. 

I am a self master. 

I experience great enjoyment, fun, and adventure in my life, being sure to fill in that part of my life.

I keep a calm, disciplined, and relaxed mind. I do not concern myself with what could happen and its consequences, and I just rely on myself to do the best I can at the time; I let go of this now and forever. 

I have and develop great character to achieve the life I want and to enhance my ability to have good relationships. 

I shall create living a truly magical existence.  I will create a superb life, with lots of successes yet one where I have peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction and mastery. 

I wake up with a passion for the day!

I seize and savor every day because it is a miracle!  

What do I want? (love doing, secret ambitions, if you had no restrictions)
    Life goals, 10, 5, 1 year goals
  causes values
What do other people want, where I can derive the most value from?
What are the barriers?
How can I get there? (See Plan.)

    Gratitude (vs. dissatisfaction)
    No comparison to others
    Every day, not contingent on outcomes

Believe in yourself. 
Poor thoughts are toxins to the body.
Become the most positive person you know.
Learn to love adversity and thrive on it. (Sharma)  Design strategies to benefit from challenges.
Journal and affirm each minor success
Kind, gentle
Kind acts
Have great compassion

Follow the formats
Scheduled ahead of time
Time to do all want to do
Self gauging (compare only to self
Set precise objective in each part of your life..  Regularly review. 
Set the steps for each
Plan dedicated action every day.

Visualize over and over  - see desired result, practice every day.
List 50+ rewards, reward each small step.
Mission statement, as lighthouse
Take mental vacations, literally, in mind.  Go to Hawaii, etc.


The successful people I interviewed all had goals, passion, vision, and systems.  Dr. Ivan Misner

Their success comes from:

Goals dominate their thoughts
Directed energy, directed attention
Use support
Copy successful person, use a mentor 
Building powerful habits (training)
    Each 30 days
Running mind better, conditioning it
Managing time better
Acquiring greater knowledge
Living a disciplined, principled life
    Move forward, even when "tired"
Accountability - Public commitment
Pacing oneself, maintaining a high state of
   resourcefulness, keeping balance
Getting back on track quickly
Solve problems quickly, soon (no worry, write it out and handle it now or asap.)
Assuring powerful inputs, grounding and centering
Read something positive and inspirational before going to bed and 1st thing in morn.
Dedication to daily improvement 
Contributes to a Personal Excellence
     Account (Robin Sharma term)
Associates only w/ positive, supportive people.
Never complain, never utter negative words
Developing their character
Keep promises
Develop on purpose a positive, dynamic, charismatic personality 


One Master Notebook

Establish that thoughts are not real.
Not allow one negative thought.  Practice until can go for one week.  If one comes in, replace it immediately!
Install powerful thoughts, self-talk
Use "picturing", visualization of life
    "Dream" best life, even pretend to
     be one of your heroes (in your
Keep my goals and aspirations top of the mind (repeated multiple times/day)
    Focus only on what is wanted and
       good, like a laser,
Skill: knowing what to overlook
Know that there are abundant strategies for success, just acquire the knowledge.

Create mantras to repeat over and over.
Visualize, write it out and read it.

Every day is a miracle.
Life is a special path to walk on.
I see the wonders of life and my world.
"Man must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind him to the fact that each moment of his life is a miracle and a mystery."   H. G. Wells

Sleep too much or too little
Worry too much
Watch tv too much
Eat too much
Exercise too little
Exercise brain too little, read too little, learn too little


Power statements

Man is made or unmade by himself.  In the armoury of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself.  He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy, strength and peace.  By the right choice, and true application of thought, man ascends to divine perfection. By the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast.

James Allen, As A Man Thinketh


"Physical excellence precedes mental excellence." (Sharma)
I will not live a life based on circumstance. My life is more than the sum of my preent circumstances.

"Fatigue" is almost always a mental illusion, one that is your creation, one that you should never use as an excuse or "reason".  Discipline yourself to push through the task at hand.
Have mental and physical fatigue be a thing of the past.
Negative thinkin is the greatest cause of fatigue, using massive amounts of volts from your daily re-charged battery.
You must control each and every thought in your mind.
You avoid the noncontributors to life, there is no sense of accomplishment from the TV shows you've watched.

No escaping/numbing/distracting behaviors:
     No or minimal TV
     No games
     No addictive behaviors
     Only decided rejuvenating or beneficial

You can accomplish anything in life with the right knowledge. And do anything anyone else has done.
Set a goal and then seek out the available knowledge. 
Lead yourself - As the only way of living a life!
Refine, refine, refine.
Not able to be swayed by your mind or other people
Practice exerting your will muscle.
    Develop "unstoppability".
Find someone who has achieved the goal.

Learn the things they did to achieve the goal.  Emulate:
Their physiology (walk, talk, eat)
Their psychology (thinking, reacting)
Their habits
Read the books they read.
Study their diets.
Learn their philosophies and strategies
Develop the qualities they have
Skills developed
Learn the knowledge (study, read, listen to CDs

And find and use the proper coaching.

List (and handle): the thoughts and belief that you have allowed to hamper your life.

Do activities that make a lasting difference.
     Mental conditioning
     Physical conditioning
     Character building
     Discipline building
Maintain a true balance in life
     Preschedule, on purpose, social, adventure(some that are great), rejuvenation

Set increased high standards of
   Physical fitness - double energy
   Super diet

Cultivate and exercise the muscle of self-discipline, so your mind becomes your servant instead of vice versa. 

Then, or now, start being an example.  Gandhi:  Be the change you want.

Meditative exercises to calm the mind.  Mind-training routine
Pacing oneself, frequent check-ins to the body and immediate correction.
Visualize over and over the perfect performance/behavior.
Super self-care

One hour/day - Renew mind, body (30 min/day), spirit, practice self-mastery actions 
Reading - Inspirational/life books daily
Renewal/rejuvenation time
    Check in on body, relax, breathe
a.m - recite goals outloud, visualize doing what want to do. 10 min.
A thrilling adventure at least quarterly
Every day a few hours alone
Each night before bed:  /writeReview good during the day
Quotes from Robin Sharma, Megaliving:

"There is no purpose more noble than mastering yourself."  Robin Sharma
"All satisfaction in life comes from rising to the challenges."


You must pay the price for everything you want.  
Principle of examples - Study the lives of those you admire


The biggest barrier: I need to protect against impending bad situation. 
List all the activities that are getting in the way of achieving success in your life.
    Fight with others, anger, worry, focus on obstacles (instead of solving them asap or going around them), etc.
1.  decide need to change the behavior (as it has already caused so must past pain that it should no longer be repeated.  (See Rules, and set them. )  Write down the decision and taapit up to be repeated 10X per session, twice a day.
2.  Immediately challenge the thinking process that creates the bad behavior. It must be based on untruth, as bad behavior/feelings cannot be created by anything else.
3.  Project on your mental screen the mental image of your doing the right behavior, each time you do #1, above.

"Believe in yourself!  have faith in your abilities!  Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cnnot be successful or happy."  Norman Vincent Peale

"Your mind is the Universe's most powerful computer and you are the programmer." (Sharma)  With that mind you can do virtually anything in a world of millions of possibilities.  You have phenomenal power and need only tap into it.

Will-Power, Raymond De Saint-Laurent:
"The man of character is one who selects a reasonable objective and never gives up pursuing it so long as he has not reached his goal."
As A Man Thinketh
Discovering Happiness, Dennis Wholey
Art of The Leader, William A. Cohen
A History Of Knowledge, Charles Van Doren
The Magic Of Believing, Claude M. Bristol
  "Discipline and will-power deliver you to the highest level of living possible and through it might seem difficult to develop at the outset, once thee muscles are consistently exercised into a habit, stunning results appear and once-hard tasks become easy."
          Robin Sharma, Megaliving

Great acts are performed not through strength but by perseverance."  Samuel Johnson

"All highly sucessful people are proactive.  They view setbacks and failures as lesson and see mistakes as wonderful opportunities to grow."
"Being proactive menas that you cn live a blissful existence, seeing the good in all events unforlding on the eautiful capopy of life.  There is no such thing as an unpleasant experience..."
"True winners see problems as great opportunities.  Where others fail, they thrive. "
"Proactivity is  the first step to  personal maserty."
"In the area of your mental development, you will start enriching your mind's diet with excellent motivational books, positive, inspirational thoughts and exerciss to improve your mental agility and stamine. 
"the average person avoids problems like the plague rather than embracing them  and realizing that every difficulty will  pass and leave us wth little nuggets of wisdom that we can use in other areas of our lives. "  
"simply refuse to be stopped."
K: the master accepts what is so, goes with the flow, with no resistance as what is so already exists, with the only question to be what is next. 
Thereis no chaos in the world. Everytg happens from a cause.
Do not waste a single moment on regret,, for there is no relevane to now or the future.
Know that you are safe and ok no matter the outcome (eliminate a vision of disaster)
"Today is the day to start your reconditioning process."
"Every step in another direction, no matter how pleasant it might be, will keep you that much farther from what  you have alread determined means most to you in your life."

Pleasurabl ebut no value
Off target, or of little value
Handling crises
Key activities of  greatest  values - try to do 90% here and ....

Never live a life of extremes, do not lose the balance and fun in life. 


When all key actions in the area are unconsciously excellent - from deliberate  practice. 
The opposite is the quick-fix.
"Activities are the result of a strong mind with its attention in the correct direction."

Decide, commit to reaching mastery in desired item, area.
Amass great knowledge
Have a master teacher
Talk to people who have become masters.
Do something every day, remember it gets easier and easier. 
Raise your standards on a regular basis.
Balance - So that there is no feeling of deprivation or extremes.  Enjoy the journey, rejuvenate,daily self-renewal, not run at a deficit except in true emergency.
  describe your image, way of being, how you will act, in detail.  Read regularly.

Be in brightness, lots of light

K Stay in balance and you'll not need relief.

the mind is like a garden.  what you sow you reap - and the seeds that drop there accidentally ...
  "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.  We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly.  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a trait."  Aristotle

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