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AUTHENTICITY  = Genuineness, being who you really are and not hiding or pretending, not responding to the fear of what others will think.


If what you say is authentic, yes, you may have to confront how others may respond, but your level of effectiveness will increase dramatically

BSing others is solely a left over habit from the dysfunctional family where we thought we had to please others in order to survive.  Since that is no longer true and since an adult needs no approval from others to survive, this old habit is strictly a limiter of life with no value.  

Pretending and hiding are relics of childhood that rob you of your energy and your power. 

You don't give away who you are for an "in order to":  in order to please someone, play the role they expect you to play, etc.


Remember, please, that this authenticity is to be, and must be, coupled with being compassionate and kind. 

It is not an opportunity to dump on another what you think of them, as that has no value and is often from a very dysfunctional belief that people must express all that they think, as that is, in this belief, the way to be authentic - bullbleep! 

To be authentic you would just recognize that what you think of another is something that you need to deal with for yourself, for it is not about them but it is about you. 

However, if you do have a request to make of them, in an adult manner, then you would make it, but with no judgmentalism.  (The authentic person has given up believing in and relying on assumptions about another and no longer plays the blame game.)

If you believe in something important to you, you do not hide it, you do not pretend.  You don't support gossip, negative conversations, what you don't believe in...


___ I am committ to being authentic in my interactions with others, with kindness and compassion, and to taking a stand for what works in the world.  

Committed to this _______ day of _______________, ______



What Is True Authenticity?  - This is the vital and complete understanding of the benefits and ways of being truly authentic.  Don't skip this, as it is a vital part of living your life at a higher level.


Quotes participantS in The Option Institute's Radical Authenticity week, which I return to in order to remind myself of the power of being authentic:

"I got what I came for. The fear of not being liked and the power I “gave away” wanting to be approved – as beliefs – created my behaving in a way that caused me not to connect – I learned what those were so that I could create congruency with how I actually feel but somehow was not conveying well. I now can be and am freely “daring” with what I say and have dropped those behaviors that got in the way. That’s pretty great after sixty-five years! Absolutely wonderful feeling!". look honestly at the ways in which we habitually deceive ourselves and those around us, out of fear and judgment. We learned how to practice true presence, nonjudgment toward ourselves and each member of our class. We learned that love is a choice at all times and that we can choose to love boldly, deeply, authentically and powerfully, not only those people and parts of ourselves we're comfortable with but each person and each part of ourselves with which we are uncomfortable."

"Never before in my life have I felt comfortable to say what I really feel....  I’m experiencing for the first time really accepting love and acceptance for myself and receiving it from others. Authenticity is the path to my core. I will continue to move towards this, knowing that it’s the best gift to me and others."

...I no longer am a prisoner inside myself due to inauthenticity – I learned it’s the best thing for me to be completely genuine with everyone I come across."

...That now allows me to not only be the best version of myself on a continual and growing basis, but to fill myself and my life with a love, acceptance and happiness that I never knew was possible."

My body has changed as I have felt my inner armoring disintegrate and a new relaxation has taken place.

"I came to Radical Authenticity shy and quiet. I have come to learn that by being so withdrawn and silent — by hiding out — I was, in effect, lying to the world. I realize now that I have something special inside. I want to share it and be honest about it with the people in my life and all those who are not yet in my life"

"To be radically authentic is the most alive feeling I have experienced! It is me! Just me! In all my glory! It's what I've always wanted; I just never knew how to do it, or that I could do it. ...

...of setting one intention to become fully visible in my life, going full-force for that intention and reaping huge rewards. I saw how playing me small, or presenting myself as limited was so, so false, a lie and something I am done with forever...I absolutely committed to myself, to showing me, all of me, to stand on my own ground and connect from there!...

...However I wondered if I could really “buy into it”. I never expected to find what a tremendous difference, more energy, more vitality, more ease with myself and others it would make in my life. that in speaking my truth I become free. Free to share myself with others and invite them to do the same. The benefit in so doing is that I am able to be known for all that I am. Fears and regrets are no longer necessities. I choose to be happy by sharing my heart (uncensored!) with those around me."

"This Radically Authenticity program changed my life; I came as a liar, someone afraid to tell the truth because I felt smaller than another or because I thought if I told the truth another would feel smaller and not love me. I have punched holes in all of that and have learned that only by speaking my heart and wants at all times, I will actually create love for myself, love for others, and a community of friends and family who love me for whom I am."

"My goal is to be a fully empowered, authentic, loving person realizing my dreams in my work and in my personal life. What I connected to in Radical Authenticity was the myriad ways I prevent myself in realizing this goal. My life is safer, yet smaller. I want a big life. I want to live fully in who I am. This program has opened my exploration on how this is possible. I now know more specifically where my fears are, my judgments and how to lovingly open myself to myself and others and life itself."

My greatest realization is that authenticity starts with self-love. When I love and accept myself as I am, I can show up in the world and authentically express myself in action. When I love myself, I can love and accept others as they are and delight in the mutual contribution we make to one another from our diversity. I get that self-love and authenticity are the foundation for a peaceful world."

"Radical Authenticity was the single finest reminder in my life of how valuable every experience, every moment, every person is. A world without war, hatred and unacceptance is utterly available by experiencing and living the Option Process and principles and being Radically AUTHENTIC!"

The Option Institute chooses to invite us to be the most honest version of ourselves. Never has it been so much fun to openly play with what before I labeled as “faults,” and to discuss subjects which, in any other arena might be considered taboo. By discarding the masks, crossing the lines, and openly accepting who I am, I feel that my world is an open field to play in as I choose, rather than a maze or fun house where I try to maneuver my way through the misperceptions, simply trying to escape.

"Radical Authenticity has altered for the better my view of myself and interactions with others, I’ve come to see that other people’s judgments of me are often a reflection of the judgments they have of themselves. I now take personal responsibility for going after my wants, instead of being afraid they’re not appropriate, then complaining. This has been transformative!"

"Having taken Radical Authenticity has changed my interaction with people around me. I am now much more capable/willing to show the real me. My biggest learning is definitely that I am not scared of other people’s judgments as I thought. I have been scared of my own! I have finally taken ownership and changed many things.

"Being radically authentic is the only way to have real and sincere relationships with the people I love – because then I am really me! But even more, I find being radically authentic with myself is the greatest gift I can give myself. When I see myself judging or doing other things that I don’t like, I own it! That is the only way I can change! So being radically authentic with myself and everybody else is not only the safest way to travel, it will also be the only way to get me where I want!"

I let go of the need to be perfect and the belief that I was damaged. Now I believe I am complete and perfect is not attainable."

I’m experiencing for the first time really accepting love and acceptance for myself and receiving it from others. Authenticity is the path to my core. I will continue to move towards this, knowing that it’s the best gift to me and others."

"I arrived an anxiety ridden, nervous, insecure individual who valued other’s opinions of myself and my actions more than I valued my own. I am leaving a more confident, stronger, valued individual who realizes that as I continue to get to know and accept myself I will be able to love myself and others unconditionally and this feels wonderfully feeling."

I arrived on Monday terrified of others judgments and afraid to express what I truly think and feel. By facing others judgments of me throughout the week and through the various exercises, class sessions and dialogues I explored the implications of beliefs that hold me back. Today, I feel significantly more comfortable expressing myself – including the positive and loving feelings and gratitude I have for others that I never before shared. I am ready to face the world in a new way – open, true to my previously unexpressed thoughts and feelings and unafraid of negative judgments."

"Radical Authenticity was the most rewarding 5 days of my life. I came in a semi-frozen state, frightened and confused by the hole I had dug for myself. The Option Institute not only showed me the steps out of the hole, but also let down a rope-ladder so I could come out smiling into the bright lights of the rest of my life.
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