Surely, once I see how it works, I cannot accept living less than a fully lived life of happiness and satisfaction.

Do this and you will create a very happy, fulfilled life, for this is the core of what creates that.

Never go weakly into the day or the dark, unequipped, unstabilized, at the mercy of what happens...that's no way to live! 

And you free up the time to focus on this, on what matters the most for having full power in oneself and in life, by deleting those activities that are further from the core (and mostly useless, of low usefulness, or harmful).

The core of the core is:

Energy and health
Mental sharpness, alertness
Perspective time grounding centering session (link)
Filling up my psychological energy tank

What stops the use of energy: the blocks 

the potential objections and beliefs that get in the way

I will do these, without question or excuse, as I realize that I cannot live a fully powerful, happy life without doing them.
I will do some of them, perhaps irregularly, as it is ok to only get part of a fully lived life.
I won't do them, except some sporadically, as I am willing to settle for a lesser life, to squander it in a fog of life.

the checklist, in order, moving from the center out, do the 1st ones completely before the others...
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