Note that productivity = success, so you refer to the Success Contents/Links section also.

Product = Some created that has value

Productivity = Product (value) created per amount of effort

Learn productivity and you can achieve anything you want that is attainable.  Productivity is not about money or stressful striving, but about creating what is of value in terms of leisure, feeling good, achieving what you want - all balanced by what you see as the next thing of value (as in Living The 80/20 Life).

Print this (or copy) and enter a checkmark if you've already have implemented this or a P if you plan to do it.

__ Have a clear list of what you want in life, very, very clear one, including Values.
    __ Have a reason to be productive. Write down what you would do with more time
        and energy. (Scott Young, The Little Book Of Productivity.  Downloadable, free.)


__ Take a productivity course (Robin Sharma is good), so you can navigate the
    productivity arena
    __ Read at least two good productivity books or more.  Productivity Resources
    __ Select (free) productivity videos. Productivity Resources

__ Use a coach who is proven

__ Go only to the experts, the best - Time screening is worth it!

__ Learn The 80/20 principle - Live by it forever.

__ Learn how to learn
    __ Scanning quickly to achieve an overview, determining what to dive into later

TO FREE UP TIME AND/OR INCREASE ENERGY - So you'll have enough time for learning and improving your productivity in life.

__ Increase energy, create two days from one by being fresh and energetic in late day.
__ Exercise daily at optimum level (30 minutes rigorous) - Increases energy and
    therefore productivity; increases "feel good" and therefore reduces need for side relief
   __ Do it 2 times a day:  30 minutes in AM and 20 about 6ish, to renew energy
   __ Keep energy up "in range" (homeostasis) - Instant Energy From Something Good
__ Optimum nutrition
__ Optimum weight, blood pressure, sugar metabolism
__ Good sleep
__ Sell your TV (or as close as you can get to not using it)
__ Schedule "rejuvenation" days
__ Reduce time users
   __ Delete 40-60% of your activities (also Time Savers)
        __ Delete TV completely
        __ Delete news (at least any beyond the minimum)
   __ Delete travel times (use treadmill & weights at home, combine with videos and
        audios and/or reading)
__ Use commute time with audio, podcasts (spend a few minutes to plan it, set it up)
__ Learn to say no, frequently (Have an established way of doing that!)
__ Have a list of what not to do
   __ Have a list of what you will stop doing (similar, just a differing view).


__ Get rid of the barriers
    __ Emotional barriers, in terms of false beliefs that trigger negative emotions 
    __ Change your unrealistic "expectations", keep perspective
    __ Create a certainty foundation
    __ Destroy false threats thinking completely


__ Designated high productivity periods
   __ Get up at 5 am
__ Develop a strict daily routine for your top 3 (to 5) activities that you will do every day.     Develops a habit where it becomes automatic and easy.  Habits = power. 
__ Have periods of highest productivity where you do not allow any interruption.
   __ Email is only visited at specified times and only when using a Timer Tool
__ Work in 90 minute blocks, with 10 minute breaks (Living In 90 Minute Segments)
   __ Use "The Pause" (and the substrategies, such as The One-Minute Break)


__ Restrict your association to only people whom you would like to be like or do like 
__ Focus on habits and forget about discipline (Strategic Coach, downloadable How To Get To The Top And Stay There)
__ Focus on cleanups and multiply energy (from above source). "A mess is an unresolved issue in your mind." "Mess = Stress" "Mess equals obligation minus commitment"
__ Focus on capabilities and multiply confidence (from above source)
__ Focus on creating value/results, forget about pleasing or conforming (except the minimum crucial parts)
__ Use a mantra:  "I am now going into my power mode."  "Do it now."
__ Create a distraction free workplace
__ Do each day one item you've been putting off. 

PRACTICES - Many are imbedded in the other sections.

__ Operate from checklists in each important area.  Reminds, reinspires, keeps on track.
__ Delegate.  Outsource everything that is not your "unique capability" (or what Robin Sharma calls your Best In The World.  Focus only on what you do the best.  (Dan Sullivan trains people in "unique capability" idea at The Strategic Coach.)


Read my book on this, to get the overall understanding and the actions to take.  Virtually no cost Kindle book (Kindle Reader software is free)

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