This person is smart enough to know that he could have had nothing.  That he could have been a rock or not in existence at all.  Though this is a characteristic that is also common to a grateful person, this is a slightly different point of view, adding unique power to the equation.

The gain mentality is the conviction that one will go forward and have gains that are greater than the losses, no matter how bleak a string of losses might look. 

It is true that this person does not experience losses as tragic and life threatening, for the person sees the losses as little teeny blips at the top of a huge edifice of gains - of such things as the largest and best computer in the universe, a body that operates on automatic, the opportunity to experience and to harvest an incredible number of systems that the physical world has that can be utiltized. 

He is never threatened, as he knows the worse that can happen is he'll go back to breakeven (not being in existence any more) and he doesn't care, because the wonderfulness of the experience, the incredible magnitude of blessings is absolutely awesome, unbelievable, phenomenal - and it was such a colossal, humongous gift. 

He does not fear losing himself or somebody not supporting him, as he takes care to make sure that he gets what he wants and that he is highly, highly capable of making that happen.  He fully accepts 100% responsibility for his life, no matter what happens, with no fault and no blame (as those are only mechanisms of irresponsibility). 

"I wake up everyday excited to see what I can wring out of this 24 hours, what opportunities I can spot and utilize.  Yes, I'll contribute to others but I am independently powerful and do not depend on people or circumstances going my way.  I am blessed, truly  blessed with this incredible, colossal gift of life and I shall use it for all it is worth!"