The proclamation that "there are no limits"
What is true of the limits?
Time is a limit, but it is not very limiting
If we focus on "high value" items, we get more than enough value from life


There are limits.  But you can have all of what is most important.  And, compared to the time you have, there are virtually limitless possibilities and opportunities, beyond anything you have yet imagined.   Indeed, you can create a 1000% greater life.

                                                                                   The Buddha Kahuna


The self improvement and spiritual leaders often proclaim that "there are no limits."  That, is, of course, not true per se.  You cannot jump higher than 8 feet.  You cannot transport yourself via your brain to another physical location.  You are subject to gravity, though you are brilliant enough to have devised ways of utilizing it and creating ways of flying. 

But it is true that "relative to the actual limits, we are nowhere close to taking advantage of the opportunities and possibilities available to us."   We live in a small corner of a huge box (limit), such that what we would have time to do is relatively miniscule compared to the "not limiting limits", which is the equivalent of having no limits relatively.


One can get a small glimpse, but a sufficient one to "buy in" to the idea, of how immense the unseen and unseeable box is before running into the limits.

The opportunities:

Learn the skills of happiness, peace of mind, self love and honoring
Learn emotional intelligence and psychological principles so that one is completely
   free of wasted energy on useless beliefs and emotions, so that there is a huge
   amount of time left to do all of the other things
Learn the basic life skills of problem solving, decision making, learning, and thinking,
   time management and planning
Learn and practice excellent health
Learn and practice excellent relating skills
Learn computer skills, social networking, word processing
Learn and become an expert in first one and then several different occupations
Learn to be a leader, entertainer, magician
Write 50 books
Learn 6 languages
Work on making the world a better place, teach others to be successful and how to
   live life
Learn and implement the art of enjoying one's life
Make lots of money by doing what is valued and using the leveraging principles
Learn to and become an expert in golf, tennis, skiing, chess (or other games)
Watch 5,000 movies
See the world, experience the cultures
Make love, create love  
Achieve everything that is truly important to you


Most people tend to repeat "I just don't have enough time."  That's a huge generality where one needs to separate out and distinguish the pieces of what takes time. 

You have 24 hours a day, for some unknown period of time.  If you live until you are 6 years old, you will have experienced a huge amount to be most grateful for.
Every day after that is a great bonus, if we but focus on the 1,000 waking minutes we get to live each day.  

However, what is true for people is that they do not utilize their time well, wasting a huge amount of it and spending a huge amount for very little benefit. 

If one develops sufficient skills to provide sufficient value to others, one can efficiently live a life at a sufficient level of expenditures, shelter, and sustenance - quite easily, if we efficiently follow the life management principles and use the skills - but we need to spend the time necessary to learn those.   Once we learn them, the world is our oyster.  At that point, we also integrate the 80/20 principle so that we can live the 80/20 life , where we free up over 40% of our time to direct to achieving greater benefits for ourselves.


When the BuddhaKahuna says we can have all of what is most important, he is saying not only that that is very obtainable but that if we focus on what is valuable then we will get more than enough to have our "cup runneth over" with abundant benefits. 

The "secret" is to identify what one values most and then do what contributes to that as much as possible (and to identify false values, where there is little return and much cost).  If we were to measure the value that most people get out of their lives by running their lives the way they do now, we would be able to increase the total value in our lives by 10 to 100+ times what it is now.   See the 80/20 life.

List those values out as soon as you can after reading this section, even if you only have 20 minutes to start it (put it into a referenceable, findable place and set in your schedule another two hours to complete the refinement of it, keeping it preferably in something like your Reminders Notebook.  

The Art Of Living

Millions of possibilities, realizing that we have limits, and selecting what is of the most impact in life.

The Wisdom Of Limits

You can't pour 5 gallons into a 2 gallon container.  You can't pour 2 gallons into a 2 gallon container if there is 1 1/2 gallons of sludge put into it.  Sludge is worry, anxiety, concerns about "survival" matters.  Sludge is also problems left unsolved and demanding the use of "open loop" attention and anxiety.

This is a super-reality to learn well!

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