The Pipeline Principle - Everything Displaces Something - We are like a system of pipes, some expandable, but most not, which leaves us with a "dilemma".

Making An Allowance For Being Human - And Freeing Up Lots Of Concern

The Effects Of Expectations In Life And Relationships - A Major Creator Of Unhappiness - Needlessly!

We often feel bad about what won't fit in the pipeline, but we also have to remove some of those supposed-to's: Identifying "What Do I Feel Bad About?" - And Knocking Them Off One By One.  


Rough notes To be edited, but you can get the main points...

"Don't try to drink out of a firehose."

                                       Al E. Oop


I accumulate too many things.  I forget that they all pull on my attention, and fill up some of my pipeline...

I have a limited energy source.  But it should be better,.  Well, "should" is not a valid reality. 

I have other conflicting needs in the moment so I do not do all that is necessary to develop my energy optimally.  In fact , I do not and cannot fill all those needs.

I am a human pipeline.  Why do I expect to put more through a pipeline than the size of the pipe?  Besides the fact that it cannot be done, why are we unhappy about it. 

I "could" get more through it!  Well, the reason you aren't is because your pipeline is already full and restricted by its limit:  how the body works.

We can't defy gravity, but are we unhappy about that or do we just adjust?

There are human limits of attention.  We assume that we can pay attention to vastly more than is real.  We forget to leave "space", leave "margins" of uncommitted time, so that we can actually have the time to pay attention to what matters - and not get stuck with the foolishness of trying to pay attention to more than we possibly can.

Do we criticize a pipe for not being bigger.  It is best to simply acknowledge and recognize that "this is the pipe we are given" and to adjust our lives to fit that reality, rather than constantly overdoing it.  Yet we have some kind of heroic expectations of ourselves, outside the realm of human possibility.

If you're worried about things or anxious in some way, learn what happens to the ability to pay attention to what is outside of The Attention Units Of The Mind.


If I spend my attention units on:

Controlling others (a low or no payoff) or on fixing others, then...

Maintaining relationships where I don't get payoffs or support and it drains me...

Maintenance to help me handle my discomforts (handling the symptoms of an unsolved cause instead of working on and curing the cause - there is a huge happiness payoff and curing the cause also frees one up to being able to contribute so much more to others) 

See and go through the exercise of deciding which activities to eliminate or reduce and which to insert in the freed up space:  The Highest Value Activities In Life - Harvesting The Golden Eggs And Enabling The Golden Goose.  


Work on filling the pipeline with good stuff and excluding the lower value items - and stop expecting to be able to expand the pipeline greatly!!!!  The latter always causes unhappiness and stress.  The only way to live is to highly, highly restrict what you put into the pipeline to only that which is of the highest value!

It is time to start Living The 80/20 Life and to Live The Life As A Life Champion.

Notes for possible inclusion later:

How much do I need to get through the pipeline?

Imagine how happy the caveman would be if he were suddenly time-travelled to present time?  He would be delighted with all that exists...
80/20 decide ahead
Can I increase the capacity of my pipeline? 

Somewhat, if I remove some stuff from my pipeline so that I can develop my capacity.  But if smart I can remove thsoe things from my pipeline that I could have someone else do for me (renting their pipeline)

having to have comfort???