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Use these as a checklist to see which you are doing and/or you will do.  
Success In Life Contents/Links/Outline: The Grand Overview - Read these for an overview, then link to various pieces of interest and usefulness.
Also see Success In Life To Dos Master List
Can't Be Successful Without

100% responsibility for your life
Self-sufficiency, no "need" for approval
What you want in life and why - Clearly delineated
Willingness, and clear understanding, of paying the price
Correcting self-limiting beliefs
Learn until "sufficient mastery"-  Effective Learning.
Self-mastery, at least "sufficient"
Eliminating the key barriers first - Trying to
   succeed on top of those is fruitless
Get to "sufficient knowing" in all key areas 
Also working on a Checklist For Success, which is intended to be a check off of what you have to do, including adequate prep time!


Read and keep for reference:

Success Principles, Jack Canfield 

Read, summarize:

Napoleon Hill's Keys To Success: The 17 Principles Of Personal Achievement 


Resources For Success - A Vital Component 

Huge Helpers Toward Success - Some could be essential...

Copy the best
Zero tolerance for unfixed problems, bad
  strategies, bad internal talk (but without
  criticizing self)
Prioritize, only do the vital!
Complete, or don't start
Use feedback, frequent corrections (fix problems asap!)
A definiteness established, "sufficient certainty"
Keep score
Acknowledging haves, successes
Simply building habits that are positive (then
    automatic and easy!)
Surround yourself with positive successful people
Build a powerful support team/resources/allies
Correct limiting beliefs
Partnering - Coach, mastermind group
Impeccable language, external and internal - No complaining, blaming, criticizing

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