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This is a "serious checklist", meaning it is not "for show" but that it is complete, to follow with rigor.  To "get to" success, you must follow The Program For Success In Life, but use this checklist to fill in the holes ad to bolster up the key skills and procedures to insure that success happens!  Those who are unsuccessful (low achievers) will object to how much work is needed to reach the levels of effectiveness to be successful in life!

__ Decide # of hours a week to study.
__ Consider setting up a Success Notebook.  (You create it, print, use tabs.  How To Set Up.)
__ Enter the appropriate exercises/todos into the Long Term Plan Notebook, and/or
__ Enter them into a task management systems as todos, with tickles as needed.

Below, check off those items you are doing and circle those you need to do.  Then schedule it (tickle in a calendar) to review this every quarter year.

LEARNING (Sorry, you cannot skip this part to be solidly successful.)

To succeed in life, learn how the success process works! (Outside source:  Critical Success Factors)

   The Steps To Successfully Achieving A Result - All musts!

Define what success is for you (initially, upgrading it later - which is essential)

   The Truths And Realities Of Life
   The principles for success - Have them in a reviewable place (such as The
       Reminders Notebook)
   The practices for success
    Traits of successful people (and develop them!)
          Absolutely essential: Completion instead of wishful thinking using shortcuts
    The effectiveness skills (see below)

Highly developed skills where it matters (first, though others can be developed also, of course)

   Skills to increase success:
       The Core Skills (go back to the basics and correct what was missed)
           Learn to read well and fast
           Learn to learn well and fast
           Learn how to do effective thinking
           Time management
        Key competencies required in your field (identified first, learning program
    Discipline of only proceeding after prioritizing by impact!
    Top, higher level integrated skills necessary for a great life.
         How best to allocate and manage time!  (Life Value Productivity)
         Managing oneself - See Self Control and links from there.

Sufficient "Mastery Learning" of skills and knowledge that is needed to succeed at whatever it is

Self-power (dependent and powerless can't work) - See the program for developing that power.

Committed standards for running whatever it is you're running (including your life!!!)

PLANNING AND MANAGING LIFE (Successful people do not live haphazardly.)

Plan, Goals, steps, eliminate barriers/obstacles  
   Set standards, rules

The checklist for daily success

Set aside needed time to work on self/business/whatever-is-needed, rather than just being "in it".

Equipment maintained very well so it serves you

   Healthy body/energy-system - Delusional to think you can get away with
       anything short of highly functional!

Effective time management - Follow a pre-designed schedule that fits you, for day/week.  Example.

Behaviors, actions

  Learning (what to learn, level to learn it at [Mastery Learning]
  Good habits, practices

Maintaining a good mood, high energy, and practicing positive attitude.

  No negative talking, no blaming, etc.

Straight thinking  (and no to reactive or sloppy thinking)

No unrealistic control - Such control is very costly and very ineffective!

Set up effective systems and controls

   Establish, refine procedures, checklists for all the is repeated and necessary 
   Methods (pretemplated or self written procedures, checklists)

Measuring and holding oneself accountable

    Key measures of success reviewed and done at least weekly (build into schedule)
    Make yourself accountable to others (very "stimulating", cutting off some

Effective Use Of Resources

Identifying and effectively utilizing resources

    And tools to use for success

Partnering for success

   Coaches, mentors, consultants, etc.        
   Mastermind groups

Know What It Takes To Be Successful

​Use already-successful templates, models, etc.

   Copy, don't reinvent, don't design from scratch (huge time required!)
​    Copy the successful

Know what it takes to be successful

    Create a checklist for success in a business of your type (plus add personal touches)

                              Key performance indicator, key actions calendar
                              weekly           monthly            quarterly    Yearly





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