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Supplementary and complementary forms are in the About Me Notebook.  A number of these forms may be kept in either notebook.

Recommended book:  See the description of Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams, by Steven K. Scott, under Life Management Resources (including planning). 

Business planning:  See Business section for recommended resources.

LIFEPLAN - LONG TERM NOTEBOOK  See the AboutMeBook for some items that could be included in the long term notebook but are actually things "about me."  You can include them in whichever you choose.  Set this notebook up for use, but fill in the most important pieces first.


               Try this version first if you would prefer a smaller version and then add the rest of the long
               term plan.  Planning is one of the very best, most effective tools for living a better life!!! 

          TABLE OF CONTENTS, LONG TERM PLAN (For items not linked below, go to General
               Forms.) Print the table of contents and then insert it in your notebook. 
               Print these forms and insert them as forms to use in your long term and/or save these
               forms in your word files.  You can fill these forms in using your word processor.  Organize
               your word files by going to save or open a file and press the icon for a new folder, label the
               folder "Planning" and then you may also wish to create another folder called
               "LongTermPlan", inserting the downloaded documents in that section.       

          BEGIN WITH:
                    THE DREAMBOOK - The Complete book about it, including
                           THE UNLIMITED DREAMS LIST - Just the dreams list by itself for you to fill in.
                              This is included in The DreamBook, above.
                    MY IDEAL LIFE WORKBOOK - Expand your vision of what could be in your life, inspire
                      yourself, see new possibilities.....  Includes items to stimulate your thinking and
                      places for each area of your life, plus what you want to eliminate or no longer have in
                      your life, what you want to fill your life up with, activities, organizations, health, wealth,
                      etc. and etc.

          THEN:  Do the Median Brief Plan Workbook as a base.
                           From from which you can expand into adding other sections, using the table of
                               contents for the long term life plan or some may prefer the alternate simpler
                               One Page Long Term Plan Table Of Contents,to which you can add by
                               accessing and using the forms below.

(F) PL101-10   Key Life Goals  
                     The Ultimate Packet For Finding My Mission/Purpose/Usefulness
(F) PL101-15   Life Plan Year By Year     
(F) PL101-20   Where Am I Relative To Where I Want To Be?  
     PL105-02  Areas of Life Around Which To Set Goals 
(F) PL105-10   Master List of Goals  
(F) PL105-82   Goal Form, Three Page, More Complete Planning  
(F) PL105-82   Goal Sheet, One Page, Including Action Steps     
(F) PL105-83   Milestone For A Goal, Milestone (sub-goals), dates to achieve, etc.    
     PL105-85   Examples of Some Goals   
(F) PL106-90   My Roles In Life - Defining And Operating With Them   
(F) PL112       UNLIMITED DREAMS LIST        
(F) PL114       MY IDEAL LIFE WORKBOOK (Here or in About Me Notebook)
(F) PL140       Master List Of Obstacles, Barriers, Items To Improve     
     PL216       Learning Plans (See inserts in current plan)
(F) PL290-21  Forms for Goals(relative to mission),Steps, Obstacles                        
(F) PL300-20  Life Management Goals 
(F) PL403       Psychological Goals   
(F) PL404       Commitment To Develop Right Thinking    
(F) PL550-05  Productivity and Time Management Goals   
(F) PL600-20  Relationship Goals - Partner, Family 
(F) PL700-10  Social and Community Goals   
(F) PL751       Physical Goals & Checklist of Benefits, Practices     
(F) PL751-20  Forms Packet - Physical Goals, Current Information - A complete questionnaire,
                     taking you through all aspects of the physical, including medical information,
                     addictions, etc.   
(F) PL753       Long Term Physical Health Measures Tracking/Monitoring Form                     
(F) PL800-05   Material/Fun Goals  
(F) PL800-06   Financial Goals    
(F) PL855      Defining My Job Responsibilities   

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