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Improve Your Life Using A Daily Success Routine - The Day Launcher System - Derek Franklin, power of immersion, sense of clarity, high positive energy, 20-30 minutes.  He has an ebook on it. 1. Calm your mind.  2.  Express your things  3. Read something positive. 4.  Write your discoveries (lessons) 5. Review your targets (mission, goals, perfect day, principles, values) - in a visual way.  6. Watch something inspirational.  7.  Blast off! 

Good Habits And Morning Rituals For Daily Success (4:54), Brian Tracy. The first hour is the rudder of the day.  Read 30-60 min. inspirational, 

Three Daily Success Habits (5:53) - Gratitude, 5 successes, opportunities, daily documents (quotes from best, Kekich credos, 34 Maverick... personal life rules, weekly list of best lessons I learned

My Morning Ritual - How To Be Productive, Happy & Healthy Everyday (35:44)

6 Daily Habits Of Successful People (6:23)

25 Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People (28:19)

Resources For Success - See, via the links, the videos by the top success experts. 

Extensive videos and success type:
Tony Robbins Resources 

The Most Motivating Video For Success - Jim Carrey, Tyler Perry, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Will Smith, Brian Tracy, Jay Z,   - Love it, care about, persevere, change shoulds  to musts, etc.
The Psychology Of Success (13:48) - Day One of Mastery TV with Les Brown, you can go to the next one by entering Masterytv and/or The Course In Mastery into search engine.  Also listen to Les Brown on success, use search engine

How To Improve Your Life In 24 Hours (1:00:01)  Dr. Mike Murdoch

Buffet And Gates On Success (56:41)
7 Secrets To Success Of Steve Jobs (6:48)
Will Smith Shares His Secrets Of Success (9:57)
Tony Robbins - The Difference Between A Winner And A Loser (8:18)
The Secret To Success (1:01:58)- Jack Canfield
Think And Grow Rich (2:13:01) Napoleon Hill, his video.
     Think And Grow Rich - Audiobook (10:47:16)
Joel Comm's 7 Keys To Success (1:13:31)​
Programming Yourself For Success (7:16) Anthony Galie
Made For Success  (57:07) - Brian Tracy interview
Habits Of Success (7:41) - Brian Tracy
9 Success Factors For Achieving Your Best Life (9:39) - Brian Tracy
How To Be Successful - Build Your Success - Tyler Perry ​
The Secret To Success (3:29) - John Maxwell

How To Define Success (5:04) - Zig Ziglar
Take Charge Of Your Life (4:12;55) - Jim Rohn
How To Program YOur Subconscious Mind For Success (12:42) - Bob Proctor 
True Success (17:40) - John Wooden, TED 
      The Pyramid Of Success (6:10) - Wooden 
What Can You Do To Be A Success? (38:44) - Tony Robbins 
The Keys To Massive Success (35:17) - Tony Robbins 
Richard Branson Explains His Secrets To Success (4:18)
Jay Z Shares Success Tips In Interview (10:01)
The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success (1:26:01) - Deepak Chopra 
How To Be Successful: The 7 Secrets (5:36)​
Want To Be Successful, This Will Change Your Life Pt.1 (8:21), Pt.2​ (10:39) - Earl Nightingale
Success Begins Within (2:04) - Robin Sharma 
The Psychology Of Winning  - Lesson 1 (21:23)- Robert Kiyosaki​

More Philosophy

Success Without Stress (47:46) - Buddhist talk
Alain de Botton: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy Of Success (16:52) - Ted Talk
Oprah Winfrey's Success Secrets - Life And Career (8:13) - Her story.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Life's 6 Rules (Full Version) (25:51) - Commencement talk
How To Stop Screwing Yourself - Mel Robbins (21:40) TEDxSF - Are you fine?  Do you "feel like it?"