Some people are about as exacting as a blown out pothead.  "Yo, man, I want to get to New York, which is somewhere on the east coast.  At least, I hope so."

Of course, there are various degrees of this. 

However, I would suggest that you cannot go to what you are not clear about. 

For instance, how can you "be better"?  Do y'think that might be vague?  What about a few details?

Or even "I've got to stop that".  Well, what would you do instead, to replace the automatic picture that comes up now and has you follow it?  (You can't be a "not".)

Success guru after success guru tell you that you need a clear picture if you are to achieve a specific goal.  But it seems to go ignored or partially implemented. 

I want $1,000,000 is a specific generality.  The amount is specific and if I added a date it would be even more specific, but the picture of the path must also be clear.  How will I accomplish that?  What is a reachable speed to do it in?  How will I feel as I "go for it"?

If I want to quit a behavior, it has been proven over and over that I need a clear picture of what I will do instead. 

Also, the greater the clarity the more the primitive mind is directed and motivated toward it.  No clear picture offers only confusion, and consequently weakness.

And the primitive mind gets upset with the lack of clarity, as it equates it with an undecided strategy or dilemma - and out of that it create feeling uncertain.

It seems that as one specifies things with more certainty and clarity, the primitive brain tends to feel more certain (or at least less uncertain) and anxiety and stress diminish.

And the more clear the picture, the more I can visualize it and be motivated by it and create how I will feel when I get it.  If the goal is colorless and flat, with no emotion, it will not be all that attractive or motivating.

A classic is "I want to be a success."  Few people phrasing it that way will succeed.

Or Lily Tomlin's famous quote:  "I wanted to be someone when I grew up.  I shoulda been more specific."

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