Make a choice, one way or the other.  It will determine the quality of your life!

An answer "in between" means you are leaving in place, on purpose, a portion of the negative.  Enter a checkmark if you've decided to do "100% (to the best of your capabilities) or enter into the right column a checkmark or the percentage at which you will live this particular item.

                 DECIDE THESE                                                              OR CHOOSE THESE

__ I hereby decide the following:                                __ Not to decide, leave it up to chance.

__ To be happy is an absolute decision, above all else    __ No, this is not a must that I will decide on

__ To be 100% responsible for my life                          __ No, ___% is enough

    Part I.  No "syndrome" of right/wrong

    __ To have no complaining                                   __ Complaining is too valuable.  I will keep it.
    __ To have no explanatory stories as to why           __ But I must repeat this, as it explains why I'm stuck
    __ To do no faulting, no criticism of myself, others   __ To continue this form of manipulation
    __ To not engage in right/wrong, only criterion        __ I'll make others or myself wrong, and I get to enjoy
           is what works vs. what doesn't work                      "being right"
    Part II.  Clear objectives, clear plans

    __ Set clear objectives of what I really want in life   __ Rely on vagueness and allow wandering and getting less
   in life
        __ To set deep happiness/satisfaction in life         __ To not specify this and let life just happen
                   as my #1 goal
            __ All else has to adjust for this
    __ Set a clear "LifePlan" on how to achieve them.     __ Too much work, I'll just let life happens as it goes...
    __ Set clear guidelines for life; standards, rules        __ To let it be random, redecide (using up lots of energy
                                                                               and making lots more "mistakes"
    Part III.  Assuring my power (or choose to be weak?)

    __ To build and live a life of self-control                  __ I'll let other forces and people determine my life
        __ To build life enhancing habits, as build                __ To let life harming habits continue to be automatic
             a "muscle", to make life easier and relatively            and determinate of my life, to feel bad about that
             effortless                                                           in addition to the other damage
        __ To understand and accept human nature         __ To let my instincts and lower brain determine my life
            as a reality, but never as an excuse                    and to not learn how to manage my human nature.
        __ To be super clear on the payoffs versus          __ To not be clear on what is worth it for the long term,
             the costs, so not feel not worth it                     just let short term whims and gratifications rule.
    __ To have complete self sufficiency                      __ Dependency on others to "do for me", rescue me,
                                                                                   provide approval (and to take things personally)
        __ To be sure I "fill up" my emotional tank           __ To let the tank run on low, causing emotional friction
             with sufficient satisfying and truly enjoyable       to diminish the quality of my life experience, and also
             activities.                                                     to let short term gratification determine my life
    __ To do what it takes to have excellent health       __ To allow less health, less energy, less self of well-being,
                                                                               earlier death and fewer good years near the end.
                                                                               __ Allow overweight, high B/P, bad sugar metabolism
    __ To do what it takes to live virtually                    __ To not manage this in my life and to suffer the
             stress free days                                             body damage and emotional damage to myself & others
        __ To assure full rejuvenation times                        __ I'll just store it up and not recuperate.

      Part IV.  Creating sufficient wisdom and understanding for me to be effective in life

     __ To learn how my body and mind work                 __ To get tidbits here/there, but keep some ignorance
         __ To learn how to manage them and then              __ To not do what it takes to manage these well.
              actually implement that managing.
     __ To learn what is the most effective things          __ To learn randomly and/or at a lower effectiveness
         to learn in terms of payoffs, and when to                in terms of payoff for my time
         shift to something else when reached "enough" 
         __ To learn that I am "ahead", rather than              __ To always being in the question of there being
              "sacrificing", as I reap the benefits while                a higher payoff than the "price", to know it
             in the process of enhancing my capabilities             is not "sacrifice", but a net gain in life.

     __ To observe what works or doesn't work              __ To pay attention only occasionally and to let
          to have me be the best version of myself               what doesn't work continue
          and to correct it quickly and often
     __ To learn how far to go in harvesting one area,     __ Don't switch, keep on doing something even though
          switching to others when they have more               the extra payoff is not as high as another
          life payoff in them per amount of effort                  alternative
         __ To actually "complete" what is necessary            __ To leave alot of things undone, with lots of wasted
     __ To learn I "can't do it all" and must be                __ To try to do it all, be dissatisfied with not getting
          intelligent in deciding my choice.                           it all and to not make well-considered choices.
         __ To learn that I make my choices                        __ To be fearful of not getting what I want and
              within abundance, way above what is                    to have that fear be indiscrimately large when
              needed to be happy.                                           it really is small stuff if put "in perspective"
      __ To learn to delete all that is a distraction,          __ To let whatever pops up and/or to do things
           low payoffs, nonproductive side trips and               randomly, feeling a sense of not making any progress,
           to focus only on a few vital high payoff                 low payoffs, wasted time (what happened to my
           items per time available                                      time?).

If you do the 100% commitment to the 100% responsibility columns (where you will still incur mistakes and a few failures), I guarantee you a life of deep happiness and satisfaction.  This is "the stuff" that creates that deep happiness and satisfaction.  This is no secret nor anything mysterious and magical, but it is what is effective in life.  The rest is just a bunch of details. 

You have more than enough time to live this way.  In fact, if you live this way, you'll have more time.

If you choose to live this way, your life will not be a matter of a small 8 oz. glass being half-full (4 oz. of life), but an expanded capacity for having the energy and focus to create a much better life, with a 64 oz. glass, 90% full (for 58 oz. of life, where the extra 10% is no big deal, as we have "more than enough). 

Note:  Success in any area, other than occasional luck, is due to implementing the same principles.  However, if you implement them only in certain areas at too great a cost to others, you will not be successful in what matters the most:  deep happiness and satisfaction in life.   And then you will have blown the game, blown the one chance you have been given...

Lock this down!  You cannot afford to be less than definite!