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"This will be the trip of a lifetime!"

Being complete here will payoff in huge dividends!  After all, this IS your life!


It is "unsmart" to start doing something without a sufficient perspective and orientation, thus this is where you should begin until you have sufficient perspective!  Remember, this is your life - design it well if you are truly committed to having a great life.  Read the pieces on this page.

Create Your Life Plan - The Most Significant Exercise Of All! - Some how-to on how to approach this most easily and workably, including "building" a plan in layers rather than in daunting super-detail.   Just follow the designated path and you will.create a well-designed life to live.  


The Life Plan: For Constructing The Life I Love - Discusses creating your life plan and some ways to proceed and examples to use.   (This is the end goal of what we want to have to work with.)

(For perspective, and later for use in your LifePlan Notebook, see also the Table Of Contents - A document with a suggested organization for the notebook, including an overview of major sections and then a detailed numbering system to keep everything in order and easily findable.  Glance at this for now, so you have more of an overview of how the pieces fit together.)


Print out the Table Of Contents and insert it in the front of your notebook behind a tab.

See The Dashboard Of Life - Managing My Life For Maximum Happiness to rate how things are going in each area of life and to get an overview.  Put that in your LIfePlan Notebook.

For most people, I recommend starting with he smaller plan, following this guide and filling in the forms in that order:  Medium Brief Plan Workbook .  Schedule three 1 1/2 hour sessions (ok if all in a row, if you take proper energizing breaks) to finish your initial plan.  (You can revise and build more on this as you wish, but do the initial plan in the restricted time, so that you get it done and don't get hungup on doing perfectly.  It is a "building" process, rather than an instant birth!)  If you were in a workshop, you would do this plan in 1 1/2 hours, leaving out the more detailed construction of the steps to do for each goal.  The latter is actually a separable piece of the plan, but, of course, an essential exercise.

Then, and this is more suitable for a weekend retreat to construct a life, put together the basic overall life plan (always imperfectly at first) - and your life will all come together in complete picture, with a path to follow to happiness.  In this case, you'll do, usually in the order of, the Table Of Contents

Note that it is ok to select a different order, depending on what is most urgent and/or important. It is, however, recommended that you finish the first parts of your plan for your overall objectives first.

Smaller Plan, Alternatives (To possibly start with):  These can be used first, then you can add pieces of the bigger plan.

    Medium Brief Plan Workbook


     Life Plan By Year 

Overall guide

    Table Of Contents

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