If I were to approach this in a complete manner and was committed to a high level of mastery, this is the program I would use.  I would recommend at least a 1/2 to an hour a day, on average, until you can honestly say you've reached the wisdom point where you are truly living the life you love and loving the life you live and totally thinking well of yourself!


You could use the program I've designed, modify it somewhat or you could design your own program by selecting what would be suitable for you given the particular things that should be emphasized for your own situation.  Please be careful that you do all that will be of benefit to you, as it is easy to want to skip other some things.  But if you skip over those areas, they will come back later to lower the quality of your life. 


You'll note that each section has some pieces at the top, capitalized, for your reading in that exact order.  These will give you a good, efficient grounding in the subject area.


Review the overall website to get an idea of what is on it.  It can be used for reference purposes, to refer to about a specific problem or desire.  The modules in the Learning Plan page could be useful as a guide to the pages to look at or one could just go to the appropriate Site Map and see what is available.  (As I do this program, I would go into specific areas and read some of the pieces I was interested in.)

The books that are recommended can be used with the program or not, as the written pieces on the website may prove sufficient.  However, I would read the books at some time, as a supplement.

Review this program plan on this page.  The days will be added as I further refine the program, but the program is doable right now, just not broken into days yet.  If you fall behind or are not able to do the pieces at this pace, just pretend the day is actually two or a week, whatever you can do.

Note that you would enter the terms below in the search engine to link to that area to work on it.

Day 1:  Overview of the pieces of life

- Review the pieces of your life to be complete, under Life Management: 

   Construction of the Life House
   Construction of the Life House - Self Rating

- Schedule myself to take The Landmark Forum (See Recommended Websites and Services page)  to get the grounding and tools that have helped so many people to create great advances in their lives.

Day 2: The Pre-Tests

- Being serious about the program I would do the Pre-tests (see Tests and Tracking Forms), to obtain an initial measure of where I am so I could later measure my progress.

Day 3: The Underlying Basics Of Life, a complete grounding

- Read the sections of the Underlying Basics of Life, Section I and Section II, to be able to obtain a perspective on life and how it all fits together.  There will be some concepts that you may not "buy" into yet, but this piece will introduce you to what actually works and how it all ties together.  These pieces should catapult you forward quickly, and should be reviewed monthly. 

Day 4:  Setting up the LifeBooks - This step is skippable for now, though you will most likely want to return to do it if you're going to do the whole program.

- Read the Lifebook System to acquaint yourself with the notebooks system.

- Set up the notebooks, preferably with dividers, but in all cases put the pages in the notebooks in order of the numbering of the guides in Site Map III.

     The "LifeSummaries" Notebook, putting summaries and writeups in the
     The "About Me" Notebook
     The "Grounding/Reminders/Inspiration" Notebook.
     Set up either The Relationahip  or The Relationship Creation Notebook

Day 5:  Fill in some pieces in the Notebooks

- I would start using the Grounding/Reminders/Inspiration notebook every morning for "centering".

- I would set up a number of the pieces that are listed in Site III as part of the notebook system.

Now I would be almost all set to implement the program.

Day 6:  Buy the books, set up your schedule

- I would buy the books listed on the primary list at Recommended Books, at least the ones that are prioritized as A1's.  I would be reading these as I go through the various exercises, except that I would prioritize those books that were related to the subject section I chose to be working on.

- I would set it up so I could spend at least 5 hours a week but plan on investing more. 

- I would read or scan-read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey as I do the other exercises and reading.  Also essential is to read First Things First, by Stephen Covey.  Eventually, to supplement First Things First, you'll want to review key pieces on

Day 7: Overview on Life Management and Fear

- I would read the overview pieces under the sections and title listed below, at Site Map I:  

   Self Development - Overall - Methods of Learning
   Life Management - Constructing the Life Home
   Life Management - The Management of Your Life Energy
   Psychology - Emotion Management - Anxiety and Fear - Threats and Fear

Day 8: Become a Happiness expert

- I would next start reading through the Happiness section.  The book I would read or "scan-read" would be Authentic Happiness, by Martin Seligman.

    Psychology - Happiness - The Happy Person - Test and Happiness Tests
    Psychology - Happiness - How To Become More Happy (module)
    Psychology - Happiness - Happiness Producers Module
    Psychology - Happiness - Happiness Producers, Effectiveness Ratings
    Psychology - Gratitude - What I Have Compared to The "Losses"

Day 9: Thinking, Viewpoint of Life, Blame, Anger, Shame Questionnaire

- I would tie down my thought control and be sure I am completely implementing "straight thinking", Site Map I.  (The books I'd be reading would be Complete Confidence by Sheenah Hankins (shame, guilt, self-pity - letting go of it) and Becoming Real, Gail Saltz, M.D. (stories that one perpetuates...)

   Re-view the relevant parts in the Underlying Basics of Life
   LifeMgmt - Learning and Thinking - Accurate Focused Thinking  
   Psych - EmotMgmt - Overall - Rating Of My Viewpoint Of Life
   Psych - Overall - Blame, Anger, Shame - Myself - A Questionnaire

Day 10: What Is, The Immature Emotions, The Judge/Critic

   Psych - Overall - Developing the Skill to Differentiate Between "What is"
      and "Not Truth"
   Psych - EmotMgmt - Overall - Immature Emotions - Shame, Guilt, Self-
   Psych - Overall - The Judge/Critic
        Read the other pieces next to the above piece

Day 11 & 12: Reconstructing Your Core Statement, Sentences, and Mindset

   Psych - Overall - Core Statement Rework Process
   Psych - Methods - Rational Analysis, What Happened
   Psych - Overall - How to Reconstruct Your Mindset For Greater Happiness
   Emotion Mgmt - Overall - Sentences - My Rework of - Deeper Form,
      Simpler Form; "Sentences - Reworking Whole Conversation To Be
      Empowering"; "Sentences - Not Believing, Interpreting, and Reworking"
            I would put in the "Me" book, my list of sentences and add to it as
                many as I could think of.
            I would recommend doing at least 10 in depth.  I would add a couple
                a week as I noticed thoughts that were hurting my ability to live
                my life at the highest.

Day 13:  Affirmations and Empowering Statements

Then I would back this up with an affirmation program, which I would insert in the Grounding/Reminders/Inspiration Notebook (that, by itself, would not be sufficient as it is also necessary to rework the "old" sentences and to create new ones).

    Psych - Affirmations/Empowering Statements - review the whole section
        and select 10 primary ones for your Key Affirmation list

Day 14: Getting really clear on confidence and self-esteem

Then I would get really clear on confidence and self-esteem, looking at the whole section, Site Map I.

    Psych - Confidence/Self-esteem - review the whole section
    Review for stress and self-esteem training

Day 15: Learning to love yourself and to be in touch with yourself

Then I would like to learn how to love myself so that I would no longer be tied so much into needing approval from others or be so dependent on love. 

    Psych - Methods -  Caring, Feeling Presence - Loving Yourself
                                  -  Focusing - Conversing With Parts of Yourself
                                  -  Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise - Worksheet
    Psych - Overall

Email me (contact) if you've gotten this far and I'll complete the rest of the program for you.  Or follow The Only Sure Path To The Greatest Life.

All this learning is of some benefit but to fully harvest it, you should create a written plan for yourself.  See Site Map III to set up planning notebooks.
At this point, one could diverge to the Physical program or the Relationships program in the master programs directory, in the right hand sidebar, depending on what you feel is the urgency.


There is enough above to keep you busy for awhile.  I will be adding to this as we go along, specifically in:

  An overview of the general principles to operate life on (They are scattered
      through the reading and pretty heavily in the Underlying Basics of Life
  A Productivity program

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