In process, but at least follow these. If you are interested in my completing this sooner, contact me.

Pay into savings automatically, 20% target.
Into tax deductible account
Delay upgrading standard of living as long as possible, save the difference!
Pay off debts asap, highest interest first
Smaller house, to meet needs.
Closer to work
Used cars
Shop at discount markets/stores only.


Invest in index funds, save costs, balanced asset allocation
Use tax preferred accounts


Career where knowledge value is (or a well-planned entrepreneurship) - So can earn a premium.
Strong training/education
Learn problem solving, critical thinking, decisionmaking for more of a premium.
Use a healthy lifestyle and you will earn more.

Compute the amount it will take to retire, carefully, adjusted for inflation.
If you delay receiving social security, you can plan on saving less for the later years because increased social security will make up the difference if you live longer.
Delay drawing from tax preferred accounts as long as possible.