tba, in draft, note to self: link to my written plan in other ways.

"Dramatically improving the happiness and lives of over 1,000,000 people, such that they in turn dramatically influence for the better the lives of those whom they care about and of those whom they can influence."

"To turn the world around such that people are using healthy thinking and being effective and constructive in building a better overall world and/or a better life for themselves."

To develop a uniquely useful means for people to live a better life, without cost to them, and very easily usable, which can be referred to easily to guide one's life to have great happiness.   (Not just to be "more happy", but to be very happy.)


What I "see" is:

I can see people smiling and feeling ebullient about gaining control over life, where they are experiencing a grateful, abundant perspective about life.   Above all, they are feeling confident about life, trusting themselves and having full personal power. 

Many have come from unhappiness from their unhealthy thinking and lack of knowledge and certainty.  They now emerge into the bright light of a new life. 

[I will set up a vision board on just this and people smiling and being happy with key words and statements, so I can keep up my motivation and have clarity on my end goal.]

I am smiling and feeling good after seeing the aha's of people in teaching situations.  I read their stories of how they've implemented the practical doables I've put forth and how they now have a whole new life, where they are now personally powerful - and leading others toward being so, also.

(Use this in my personal grounding sessions.)


These are the things I want to "fix", solve.  These are the "reasons" for my wanting my mission.

Relieving people's suffering
    Change people's thinking from stinking to very happy
         From mediocre, ill health, and such
         From those who suffer from depressive/critical thinking
    Financially poor people
         Help those who cannot care for themselves
         Helping people to develop and use their capability
         Helping poor people here and from other countries who do not have the means
    People better off financially
         Having people reach sufficient retirement means to live happily
         Change paradigm of spending, to what is needed and efficient use of resources
               How to live in a small space with multi-use functionality
         How to have people be more effective in delivering value so that they buy more
             spare time and fulfilling activities    
Stopping the conflict and the killing
Having the US be well-run to achieve prosperity and to take care of the poor (incentives, not enabling of dependency and being personally "unpowerful")
    Better working "welfare to work" system
    People contributing to and for their country

This is what I want as the main way to achieving the goals of the mission:

To have people early on and as soon as feasible learning how to master life and particularly how to think rationally and soundly such that they will make sound decisions (and stop harming themselves emotionally and physically). 

To train many individuals to master themselves such that they can lead others in the world to being highly effective in their own lives (and leave behind the emotional thinking and righteousness that can lead men/women astray and even into fighting each other).